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Posted by Bobby Bass on January 12, 2018 at 8:05 PM

MINUS FOUR IN the Puddle Humper and we are back in the deep freeze again. Forecast calls for minus twenty tonight and I am out of oil! Some of my jobs around the cabin can no longer be done by me and keeping track of the oil in the fuel tank has been an epic fail on the wife. Her idea of how long oil should last with minus twenty degree weather is not what reality is. Good thing we have electric back up and Chuck dumped the load of fire wood at the back door.


Going through a lot of wood at the Lodge and the sign is up to carry a chunk or two in when you come in. Both fireplaces are burning bright and a lot of comfort food is being served. Home hockey team defeated the Hawks 2-1 which was good for beer sales as they are now back on top by two points.


I did see a few interesting things as the Clergy broom ball team came to our rink for a little practice session. I did not know that our own Ladies Auxiliary at one time had a Broom ball team and about a half an hour latter the clergy team climbed into their van holding on to broken brooms and rubbing shins while the women's Auxiliary drank tea in little cups poured from stainless steel thermos and ate little cookies out of a red Rubbermaid bowl at the rink.


Something you don't see very often is that the so called Polar Vortex has bought not one but it appears to three snowy owls down south. I have not seen these big birds for at least twenty years. I know many adults who have never seen any. A good chance for the kids to see one. The birds are camera shy so I am hoping to be able to have the Tenners around to see one. They are huge at least thirty inches tall and are natures perfect stealth machines. Excellent eye sight and hearing and their wings are the perfect quiet means of propulsion from a PBS show I once saw. We have one who has taken up watching the ice shanty town as it was proven the other day. One of the Johnson brothers had caught a nice eating size walleye and pitched it out on the ice while he rebated inside his shack. He opened the door just in time to see an owl sweep in and pluck his walleye and take to the air not even making a whisper. I have seen the bird perched on top of one of the hockey rink flood light poles. The gray and white feathers a perfect match so that you really have to look for it. I am hoping he or she moves up to my place to take care of my rabbits. We did put a warning out for guys to keep eye on their little dogs if they bring them to shanty town, with the owls they will not be safe. Even Duncan who is a solid sixty-five pounds I have found checking the sky when we let him out, he knows the snowy is around. Two more of the birds have been seen on other lakes here in Fish County and my neighbor Chuck has already lost a chicken not to mention a few of the 223 pink Flamingoes have had their heads taken off at Juniors here at Lake Iwanttobethere.


On a sad note my uncle Stan passed away a few days ago. Stan ran the Ice Cream/Fishing truck here in Fish County. Stan always believe in hand packed ice cream that could be served anytime and he had just made a hand packed banana split and sat back in his chair for one of his many naps and this time he did not wake up. He will be missed but several years ago he sold the truck to Stan Junior so the truck will still make the rounds but just will not be around all summer long. Stan Junior will be working with his auntie who told him he still has to learn how to correctly apply sprinkles..

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1:57 PM on March 11, 2018 
This is Maple Syrup Chuck, Bobby has been in the hospital and has now been in the rehabilitation center for building strength to return to his cabin here at the Lake. Our prayers are with you Bobby canā??t wait to see you at the lodge!!!

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