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Posted by Bobby Bass on January 8, 2018 at 10:50 PM

21 HERE AT the cabin on Hidden Bay this evening. Just back from Shanty Town and what a difference a week can make. Last week a call to Vic at the Resort had him telling me he was sitting in the big back leather chair in front of the pot belly stove filled with Hot Wood. He had the electric blanket wrapped around him and was still shivered from time to time. It might be because the thermometer was telling him it was forty-four below out, the coldest he can remember the old resort ever being but he was sure it had gotten colder when he was younger but he was an old man now and it was cold enough now. Here at the cabin we had several nights where it had gotten below twenty below and I thought the furnace was never going to turn off. But then I had to remind myself we bought a new furnace a few years ago and they are made to run long and just sip at the oil and we have one of them ECM fans that just keep spinning moving the air through the cabin.


During the week my neighbor Chuck came over and took a scoop of wood from the pile. He brought it over to the cabin and dumped it by the back stairs. The Tenners were here after school so they stocked the wood rack inside by the fireplace and the rack by the back door inside then the rack outside on the deck and what was left they made a couple of square piles at the foot of the stairs. They then took off over to uncle Chucks' and did the same thing for him. They came back with a empty pie pan and I looked suspiciously at my wife as we were missing an apple pie in my calculations. Tenners told me that Uncle Chuck fed them apple pie and hot cocoa for their troubles. When they were done they went to the chicken coop and got eggs. They were surprised that the one heat lamp is keeping the seven chickens and two ducks alive in this kind of weather.


It got up to thirty-two here today and I had to meet Skinny down at the Shanty Town. Matt had the day off so we headed to the Lodge. Parked in my spot and saw the big sign on the door that the Lodge will only be open on Sunday afternoon to Lodge members plus one for the big football game. Check football specials inside, so we did. Happy hour one hour before and after game with one dollar cheeseburgers during half-time Pizza half price but must be ordered before fourth quarter starts. Conies and Chili free during half time. Only individual glasses of beer or mixed drinks will be for sale. I talked to Gus and told him it looks like a fine promotion to me.


Matt and I drove down to the shanty and follow the orange cone road that Skinny and Hammering Hank had marked out. If there is one thing we do need is some snow for banking up our houses. It has been few years since we have had a proper Ice Town but this year is looking good. The FELLOWS have pushed out their generator shanty out onto the ice and for a nominal fee you can get put on the power grid that will run in the evening. I think I will get hooked up and save my solar for back up. The rink has been cleared and they are practing broom ball, The Lodge is going to sponsor a team in the Church League this season, there is an all clergies team that I hear soaks their brooms in holly water and lets them freeze, hurts like he}{ when you take a slash off the shins. The main driving lane here has been called Crappie Drive as that is what most guys have been catching. I don't mine at all, a nice crappie in a Kaiser roll is quite tasty if you ask me. Tomorrow is going to be the same as today, lower thirties and I think I will be spending some time here at Shanty town at Lake Iwanttobethere

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