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Posted by Bobby Bass on January 2, 2018 at 11:20 PM

A BALMY NINE above zero here today with some snow flurries but no sunshine. My son in law called me and said he just had to work a half day and if I wanted to set up the shanty. A look at the warm weather and I told him to pick me up. We stopped at the Lodge to pick up our participation package for the Ice House Fling. We won or I should say the shanty won ten cans of grubs and a dozen minnows a week from the Masterbaiters Bait Shop. Five loose meat sandwiches from Amy's Bakery and ten thermos refills of coffee or cocoa from the Dew Drop Inn. While we were there at the Lodge we put our contact number on the lake map. The Ice Shanty Town has a few rules one being you have to put contact numbers on a map showing where your shanty is out on the ice and if the lights are on or smoke is coming out the chimney you have to have your cell or CB on so you can be checked up on.


When we got there we saw trucks on the ice so we drove right up to the shanty and parked. Some crackling ice but it looked good. Matt helped me inside and someone had already augured out four holes through the ice and I headed to the poles and soon had four rods rigged and was drowning minnows. I gave Matt directions on hooking up the solar panel outside and wiring it to the big battery we had brought. While he did that I took out a bag of dryer lint which makes the best dang fire starter you will see and put it in the little wood stove. Some kindling on top and I pulled a cigar from my pocket, clipped the end then got two wood matches from the box of wood matches on the shelf. I lit the matches, lit the cigar and tossed the wood matches on the dryer lint and Poof we had fire. Added a couple of bigger pieces of wood and I closed the door.


Matt now raised the short CB antenna up through the roof and we called the cabin, the wife answered and we are good to go. Most guys on the ice don't use an antenna because we are so close but the wife likes to keep track of me. Matt came in and asked while I only had three rods out and I turned to tell him I had set up four, looking at the holes and dang I got took. We looked down the empty hole and the missing rod was no where to be seen. Rigged another rod and we were soon fishing. Matt hooked up the fan and lights as dark settled in on us. We found the hockey game on the radio and ate some stew that we heated on top of the wood stove. No real fish to talk about. Did catch six small crappie that were about the size of puzzle of big crappie. Home team won and we discounted the big battery and brought that home. Locked the door and we will come back again when it warms up here at Lake Iwanttobethere.

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