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Posted by Bobby Bass on January 1, 2018 at 11:10 PM

ONE ABOVE IN the Puddle Humper which might be the warm mark for the day. News Years morning I woke up to minus twenty and I don't care where you are that is cold. Gus and I had a talk about if we were going to cancel the Lodge dinner because of parking for Lodge members and guests. Normally we would park our excess cars in the public access as the Lodge's parking lot and along the roadside but that will fill quickly when we have this many members and guests show up. But that is a long walk coming up from the access for someone in these kind of temperatures Frank the plow driver had the holiday off and his relief driver plowed Main Street meaning Old McDonnell could not run his sleigh down to the access and McDonnell also said it was to cold for his horses. To the rescue Big Earl volunteered his heated cargo van so the guys from the high school who will be doing the valet parking have some place to stay warm when they park cars at the access.


Skinny put a few burn barrels by the side door and filled them with slab wood, they put out so much heat, people started getting off there instead of the Main Doors. A cable was strung up in the basement and coats were hung from hangers there so we had more room upstairs. Dinner was Prime Rib and Wild Rice Soup or Spaghetti with Venison Meat Balls and of course all the fixings. Balloon drop at ten PM and Midnight and it was about four in the morning when I finally got home. Duncan was waiting for me sitting by a red ember fire with a chuck of hot wood at his feet. I stirred the coals, added some kindling and a piece of Birch, bark side down and then a couple of pieces of oak on top. I debated at heading to a cold bed but looking at the flame licking around the wood I eyed the couch. I laid down on the couch, tossed the quilt over myself and the brown dog agreed with me and climbed up alongside. I woke up a few hours later and it was seventeen below out, this is getting ridiculous.


Sunshine Ray was a very popular guy at dinner as he was under bombardment about when the cold weather was going to stop, like he had any control over it. Last I heard it will warm up here some tomorrow then we are going to step down into the deep freeze again, seventeen below, nineteen below and then twenty below then warm up on Saturday enough for some snow before it gets cold again. We are making ice though! by the inches. I am hearing this from those who have volunteer to go out on the ice. No one has fished out of my shanty and I won't be either till I can go out and know I won't be frozen to my seat.


At the cabin we have had to run the furnace to get heat back in the back of the cabin and help the fireplace. Duncan has been wearing Bud's booties and now owns them. Every time he goes out he is bring back firewood so we have been letting him out a lot. Tahoe is plugged in so if we need it we can hit the power switch and an hour later she purrs over and is ready to ride in. Since I get to sit in the passenger seat I get the one seat where the heater works like it is brand new. Did get my second sign of spring the other day, besides a couple of seed catalogs I got my boat license application for the Puddle Humper. thirty-eight well spent dollars I hope. Just got off the phone with my son, he called to wish me Happy New Year and to tell me he was in Florida and it was a little chilly as it was only seventy. I told him I have a special place for him in my heart and at Lake Iwanttobethere

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