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Hot Wood

Posted by Bobby Bass on December 30, 2017 at 12:20 AM

MINUS 7 IN the Puddle Humper, I just got home from the Lodge where I watched a win by the home hockey team and enjoyed rib night. Some lights on in shanty town as it actually got above zero today and some of the guys went out on the ice to drop a line and set up their houses the way they want. Shortly after dark their was a light show as Nytelyters Shanty exploded in color. He had a mis fire on his launch but he thought he fixed it tonight except all of his fireworks and roman candles went off at the same time. I am sure that everyone on this side of the lake saw it and I know a few of the young guys came out of their houses with fire extinguishers but don't know that it is OK, Nytelyter is an expert at blowing things up.


We spent time in the Lodge guessing who was coming through the front door. The same people who complained last week about it being so cold are the same ones complaining today and are still wearing the same clothes that they wore when it was twenty degrees warmer. Now the guys who came through the door wearing bibs and Arctic parkas with fur rimmed hoods and Mukluks on their feet with leather mitts with more fur on the top, these guys were dressed for the minus twenty below weather. The coats are maybe twenty years old and they had to dig deep in the back of the their closets for them but these are the same guys who have the right duck hunting clothes and even if they only wear them for a few weeks a year they are well worth the money spent when bought. Putting on layers is fine but a good Arctic parka that sits heavy on your shoulders feels pretty good when you are out on the ice and the wind is trying to lift you up. Of course a heated seat in the Tahoe is pretty nice to have to.


After I dug up my winter coat out of the back of the front hall closet I found Buds old booties. I figured they would fit Duncan and he tried them on. He didn't not try and pull them off as I am sure he could smell Bud on them and those two spent a lot of time together. I let Duncan outside and the booties worked. He ran around the yard in the cold now that his paws were no longer cold. He came to the door and I told him to go get me some "Hot Wood" he ran up to the wood pile and looking it over, he went under the tarp and dragged a piece of oak to the back door. I smiled and told him to get more. Back to the pile he went and after five pieces I told him he done good and get in the cabin. He went to the fireplace and I took off the booties and rubbed his feet some. I then put two of the oak pieces into the fire and the two of us sat on the couch and I tossed the blanket over us. Duncan snuggled in close and I think I was warmer then him so I let him use me to warm up here at Lake Iwanttobethere

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