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Baby It's Cold Outside

Posted by Bobby Bass on December 27, 2017 at 4:05 PM

BABY IT'S COLD Outside, the old Dean Martin song is playing on the outside speakers at the rink below the Lodge this afternoon. Kids are on vacation but you could not tell as there is no movement that I can see from my vantage point here at the Lodge. A few ice shanties have smoke curling out of their chimney pipes but those are the big old shanties doing that. There may or may not be fishermen in the modern houses with their state of the art heaters. Ice is not thick enough for trucks yet so anyone out there had to bundle up and walk out. My neighbor Chuck had to go to the big city today so he asked if I wanted to go to the Lodge. A free ride in a warm truck is hard to refuse so I called ahead to the Lodge and told Gus he could take the day off if he wanted and I didn't have to ask twice.


Ride through town I saw a lot of trucks parked in front of stores and the dinners. Exhaust coming out of mufflers as no one wants to turn them off when it is this cold. Twenty-one below here when I checked the thermometer at the Lodge. I glanced at Wendy the Windmill on the hill behind the Lodge and she was spinning briskly. I am sure our wind chill was well below minus forty. I am sitting at one of the tables that look out over Lake Iwanttobethere. I have my laptop out and I am sitting far enough away that I don't get a cold draft from the glass but close enough to work on my vitamin D as sunshine is ample coming through the windows.


Dieago the parrot is out of his cage walking around and inspecting the Christmas decorations hanging from the ceiling and making flying interesting for him. I had a half of a clubhouse sandwich and some nice greasy French fries that went down real easy. Wife would not approve but I have had enough of turkey and ham and all the fixings for awhile. In my defense the clubhouse did have tomato and lettuce on in and I had Honey Sauce make it on rye bread. Little does Honey Sauce know that I actually like rye bread. Decorations will be up till after the Gala News Years Eve Party that once again is being held by the Women's Auxiliary. The Lodge will then be cleaned up and decorations put away till next year. Lodge will get tables put back where they belong and the small dance floor area will disappear as Elemer's wicker couch will come back up from the basement along with the oversize backed chairs that are usually in front of the fireplace. Hockey games will be on the big screen TV along with the football games leading to the Super Bowl. We might even have a big party here as there is a chance we may have a team to cheer on.


I had an excellent Christmas week, spent time with my grand kids and my own kids. What was going to be a hectic week on paper actually worked out just fine. Even had time to sit in front of the fireplace with my two sons and my son in law and Chuck who has always been an uncle to them. Smoked some cigars and had a few drinks and just talked, something we don't as a group get to do as much as we should. For me my goal was to celebrate another Christmas and now we move on to the next goal. Be around for fishing opener as I keep fighting my cancer and look forward to fishing with my sons and son in law and of course Chuck and all of you here at Lake Iwanttobethere

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