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Making Ice

Posted by Bobby Bass on December 25, 2017 at 6:15 PM

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO All from us here at Lake Iwanttobethere. What should be a busy day here is not and I have a chance to catch up on the doings here. Minus 7 here in the Puddle Humper at three in the afternoon. I don't think I have ever written that before. I just let Duncan out to do his business and he was at the back door in about two minutes trying to keep his paws off the deck. I let him in and at his best speed he made it to the fireplace, laid down on his side and stuck his paws towards the heat. I rolled over and did my best to give his paws a massage and told him he needed to be quicker.


Of course here in Fish County when it is this cold we simply turn it into good news and that is "We are making ice" and for sure we are. Thursday night all the kids were at the cabin and we exchange presents. I sent my grand kids all home with enough stuff that that makes noise that it should drive their parents out into the cold. Keeping in the tradition of all grandparents, spoil them then send them to their own homes. Friday night was the Lodge party and the exchange of gifts. I had Junior and could not really come up with something so I paid to have the 223 Pink Flamingos placed in his yard. With this weather they may be there for a while. I got a bottle of good vodka from one of our new members, Jake. I don't drink hard stuff much but I will make an exception in the gift of the vodka. Dinner was pizza and chili and Coney's. We started working on the Ice House Fling and it was a good thing we did. The newer light weight ice houses are not built to be flung and to make a long story short we tried making a brace for them that didn't work and we ended up sending the light weight ones tied to the front of the heavier shanties. This made the launches slow but we did get them all on the ice by half time of the football game.


I did not ride my shantie down but my son in law Matt made the ride. He questioned why we had all the air bags tied to the side of the ice house but I told him he would be fine. We secured him in my custom ice fishing barber chair using the racing five point seat belt and gave him a cell phone velcroed to his hand. Closed the door and gave him a thumbs up. I waved to Skinny who started the tractor and pulled the bungee back all the way. Matt being the last shantie to go down the hill had a job. He had to clear the other shanties out of the way so we could have a road. The message went out to all the shanties on the ice to turn on their lights and the crowd started a count down and we let him lose on two instead of zero. Down the hill he went and when he hit the first house it sounded like he blew two of the airbags, after that we just watched my shantie bounce shanties out of the way and the sound of exploding airbags. With all the lights in the darkness it kind of looked like a pinball game. There was some screaming, I don't think it was Matt but it could have been. Then he came to a rest and we had a nice clear lane for the road for the Lake Iwanttobethere shanty town.


Special thanks to John from the power company who turned all the rink lights towards the launch area and redid the speakers for us. The FELLOWS who were making snow for the Luge run but stooped to move the snow cannon to the hill so we could cover it in snow between launches and who also found a construction size heater and a big pig of propane to heat the launch area where we were working as it got pretty dang cold Saturday night. The Ladies Auxiliary did a fine job on Sunday night with a big sit down fancy Christmas Eve dinner for anyone who wanted to come. I don't think I saw many empty chairs at all. I am pretty much Turkey and Ham filed out. Later this evening I am headed to the mother in laws and I overheard the wife talking to her about having spaghetti for dinner for those who want it. That and some wine and some bread sounds pretty good. Normally I would head out to the shantie, drop a line and start a fire in the little pot stove, but not tonight as it has dropped two degrees and it is now nine below and guess what? we are making ice here at Lake Iwanttobethere

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