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Christmas week starts

Posted by Bobby Bass on December 21, 2017 at 9:10 PM

KILLING TIME HERE in the den at the cabin. I have a bag of cherry lifesavers close to hand and a half empty glass of pop along with a empty plate that held Christmas cookies earlier. I was banned from the kitchen before noon today. The wife is in full bakin and cookie mode. Family should be here soon as we are having dinner and gift opening tonight. Wife is baking cookies to fill her tins and send home with the kids along with brownies and her fudge. Along with this she is making supper and baking bread. The only one allowed in there is the brown dog who knows better then going no farther then the door where he lays and waits for his sample of broken cookies.


My neighbor Chuck came over and using his tractor he cleared my drive before going over and doing Elmer's. Three more inches of snow fell overnight. In a Christmas miracle Sunshine Ray was right in his snowfall forecast. Chuck then came back and took down the big icicle that was hanging over the front door. I heard it hit the front porch from inside the cabin. The wife invited him in and gave him coffee and cookies and told him to stay out of the kitchen. Chuck mentioned that I said I got Banana Cream Pie and how a piece would taste good, she gave him some but forgot about me. Chuck sat in the den with me for most of the afternoon as he to had been kicked out of his kitchen, his wife is baking cookies for the Lodge.


So we smoked a couple of cigars, we are a little behind on them and chatted. We never have any problem being together and killing time. We both have our shanties ready to be hauled to the Lodge for the Ice House Fling which reminded me, I needed to put the charger on my trolling motor battery so I have juice for my lights. Chuck took care of that for me. The wife came in and said I needed to go to town and get some sprinkles from Ma and Pa's she was out. I asked her if she looked in the bag by the bread box and then I heard the "Never mind, I found them" Chuck took his coat back off and sat back down. I just looked at him and said "Do you really think she forgot anything?" Chuck nodded his head and then we talked about this little lake he over heard a guy talking about with big bass and even bigger northern but no public access.


Which brings me to another topic, today is the shortest day of the year which means tomorrow our days start getting longer. It also just happens to be my monthly birthday. Coincidence I don't think so. Matter of fact my birthdays are the day after all the good days, Like spring and summer for example. just saying.....


Well the first grand kids have arrived, the wife has invited them in to the kitchen so maybe I can go in to and now we start Christmas here at Lake Iwanttobethere ***** Be Safe, Be Happy and have a good Christmas *****

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