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Busy Week

Posted by Bobby Bass on December 20, 2017 at 10:05 PM

WELL, PAST DARK here at Hidden Bay as I write this I just had a slice of the wife's Banana Cream Pie and it sure hit the spot. Outside the den window it is snowing and has been since supper time. Sunshine Ray is forecasting four inches of the white stuff and I think he will come up short, it is coming down pretty good. I have been meaning to write but my hands have been bothering me the past few days. After the snow falls the temperature is going to do the same. Right now it is only fourteen in the Puddle Humper and by Christmas day the word is it may not reach zero for the daytime high. Tahoe may have to get plugged in between trips to the Lodge this weekend.


Old McDonnell is no longer offering hay rides on Main Street but with all the snow he is now giving out sleigh rides instead. I made a deal with Frank the plow driver to not plow the right lane of snow that goes to the Lodge till Christmas. It came with a price as it cost me my last box of peanut butter Girl School cookies that I had. Actually I didn't even know I had them till I was looking for a bread pan, I think Diego the parrot put them there when he was here.


Just days away from Christmas and I will be busy. We will be celebrating Christmas here at the cabin on Thursday night. All the kids and grand kids will be here for supper then present opening. Friday night will be the Lodge's Christmas party and gift exchange. Saturday will be our first after dark Ice House Fling, instead of just ten houses to be launched we will launch till all houses are shot out on to the ice with the big bungee cord. The prizes that have been donated will be giving away to all that have launched till they are gone. I will have my fling shanty ready and right now I will go out at number twenty right behind my neighbor Chuck who is number nineteen. The first ten houses are all lightweight modern jobs so they should get away from shore far enough that us heavy boys don't destroy them if we just happen to bump in the night.


Not many rule changes, the usual no drinking till you have launched, you need to stay in your Shanty till the all clear is given. We have added that lights must be added and on so we can see where your house stops. Flares must be onboard. Dan Theim will be loaded in a Alert One if needed and the ATV club will also be on hand. Launching should start at six PM We understand that a big football game will also be going on at the same time as we have arranged to have the speakers at the ice rink aimed at the lake so we can at least get the play by play of the game.

Sunday afternoon we will have Christmas dinner for all the Lodges familles and anyone else who needs a good home cooked meal. I will be there for all of these events but will slip away for awhile to attend the mother in law's get together, This was not my choice but a strong suggestion by my wife. This week I have already attended two Christmas parties involving my grand kids. Now that they are getting older I find myself enjoying them more for some reason. Of course going to them in my wheelchair lets me it in the front row, I just have to suffer a few "Poor guy looks" Chuck who has to sit on a small hard seat just rolls his eyes at me and waves at me not using all of his fingers. A busy weekend here at Lake Iwanttobethere

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