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Posted by Bobby Bass on December 14, 2017 at 3:45 PM

21 IN THE Boat here at Hidden Bay but 30 in the green house. I have added a sensor out there to keep track this winter. When it gets warm in there I can move that heated free air into my cabin but it has been weeks since the sun has shined enough to make it worth turning on the blowers. Lake Iwanttobethere gives us long falls, early springs and decent summers. However in the winter she can be nasty. Yesterday we had a few flakes of snow and by noon we had six inches of snow, by two in the afternoon when I needed to go to town we had nine inches of med heavy snow on the ground which is to much for the wife and her bad shoulder to move. A call was made to my son Dug who showed up with gas and a spark plug, He was prepared to take out the snow blower bought last year because he knew his ma had not winterized it.


I got at call a little while later that the new blower works a lot better then the old twenty-two year old one that we had replaced. He also asked me if I had the morning paper which I told him now that I think of it Duncan had not brought it in this morning. Dug then told me that he found it in the snow and the new blower does a fine job of making confetti out of rolled up newspapers. Told the wife who just shook her head and I just said it is no big deal, it is mulch now. Snow is just what we need, town is white and we have snow banks. Hill in front of the Lodge now has enough snow for the Ice House Fling and we are still making ice. As we drove by the ski hill the snow cannons were not running and I think Mike is finally getting some sleep.


Lake Iwanttobethere does not have a transit system, heck we don't even have a single bus but we do have Old McDonnell and his hay wagon. Two weeks before Christmas Old McDonnell will bring his hay wagon into town and for a donation he will let you ride as he goes from one end of Main Street to the other from four till eight PM. You can tell those who have taken advantage of the wagon by the straw sticking in their clothes when they are shopping in the stores or drinking cocoa in the dinners.


We are done Christmas shopping, I think. The tree has a lot of packages under it and the wife will never stop buying stocking stuffers but I don't tend to count them because some of them will be mine. I have been hinting maybe she should visit Marv at the Smoke Shop as I have talked with Marv about a few stocking stuffers in there that I would like it try. Came into the Lodge today to do some mail and to pick my name for the Lodge gift exchange, I got Big Earl's son Junior, I don't have a clue what to get him. That is what it makes it so fun, you get to learn about a Lodge member here at Lake Iwanttobethere

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