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still around

Posted by Bobby Bass on June 16, 2018 at 8:35 PM Comments comments (282)

in a nursing home for the past several months but stories will make a come back soon! have a good Fathers Day


Posted by Bobby Bass on January 12, 2018 at 8:05 PM Comments comments (1)

MINUS FOUR IN the Puddle Humper and we are back in the deep freeze again. Forecast calls for minus twenty tonight and I am out of oil! Some of my jobs around the cabin can no longer be done by me and keeping track of the oil in the fuel tank has been an epic fail on the wife. Her idea of how long oil should last with minus twenty degree weather is not what reality is. Good thing we have electric back up and Chuck dumped the load of fire wood at the back door.


Going through a lot of wood at the Lodge and the sign is up to carry a chunk or two in when you come in. Both fireplaces are burning bright and a lot of comfort food is being served. Home hockey team defeated the Hawks 2-1 which was good for beer sales as they are now back on top by two points.


I did see a few interesting things as the Clergy broom ball team came to our rink for a little practice session. I did not know that our own Ladies Auxiliary at one time had a Broom ball team and about a half an hour latter the clergy team climbed into their van holding on to broken brooms and rubbing shins while the women's Auxiliary drank tea in little cups poured from stainless steel thermos and ate little cookies out of a red Rubbermaid bowl at the rink.


Something you don't see very often is that the so called Polar Vortex has bought not one but it appears to three snowy owls down south. I have not seen these big birds for at least twenty years. I know many adults who have never seen any. A good chance for the kids to see one. The birds are camera shy so I am hoping to be able to have the Tenners around to see one. They are huge at least thirty inches tall and are natures perfect stealth machines. Excellent eye sight and hearing and their wings are the perfect quiet means of propulsion from a PBS show I once saw. We have one who has taken up watching the ice shanty town as it was proven the other day. One of the Johnson brothers had caught a nice eating size walleye and pitched it out on the ice while he rebated inside his shack. He opened the door just in time to see an owl sweep in and pluck his walleye and take to the air not even making a whisper. I have seen the bird perched on top of one of the hockey rink flood light poles. The gray and white feathers a perfect match so that you really have to look for it. I am hoping he or she moves up to my place to take care of my rabbits. We did put a warning out for guys to keep eye on their little dogs if they bring them to shanty town, with the owls they will not be safe. Even Duncan who is a solid sixty-five pounds I have found checking the sky when we let him out, he knows the snowy is around. Two more of the birds have been seen on other lakes here in Fish County and my neighbor Chuck has already lost a chicken not to mention a few of the 223 pink Flamingoes have had their heads taken off at Juniors here at Lake Iwanttobethere.


On a sad note my uncle Stan passed away a few days ago. Stan ran the Ice Cream/Fishing truck here in Fish County. Stan always believe in hand packed ice cream that could be served anytime and he had just made a hand packed banana split and sat back in his chair for one of his many naps and this time he did not wake up. He will be missed but several years ago he sold the truck to Stan Junior so the truck will still make the rounds but just will not be around all summer long. Stan Junior will be working with his auntie who told him he still has to learn how to correctly apply sprinkles..

Pie Tin

Posted by Bobby Bass on January 8, 2018 at 10:50 PM Comments comments (0)

21 HERE AT the cabin on Hidden Bay this evening. Just back from Shanty Town and what a difference a week can make. Last week a call to Vic at the Resort had him telling me he was sitting in the big back leather chair in front of the pot belly stove filled with Hot Wood. He had the electric blanket wrapped around him and was still shivered from time to time. It might be because the thermometer was telling him it was forty-four below out, the coldest he can remember the old resort ever being but he was sure it had gotten colder when he was younger but he was an old man now and it was cold enough now. Here at the cabin we had several nights where it had gotten below twenty below and I thought the furnace was never going to turn off. But then I had to remind myself we bought a new furnace a few years ago and they are made to run long and just sip at the oil and we have one of them ECM fans that just keep spinning moving the air through the cabin.


During the week my neighbor Chuck came over and took a scoop of wood from the pile. He brought it over to the cabin and dumped it by the back stairs. The Tenners were here after school so they stocked the wood rack inside by the fireplace and the rack by the back door inside then the rack outside on the deck and what was left they made a couple of square piles at the foot of the stairs. They then took off over to uncle Chucks' and did the same thing for him. They came back with a empty pie pan and I looked suspiciously at my wife as we were missing an apple pie in my calculations. Tenners told me that Uncle Chuck fed them apple pie and hot cocoa for their troubles. When they were done they went to the chicken coop and got eggs. They were surprised that the one heat lamp is keeping the seven chickens and two ducks alive in this kind of weather.


It got up to thirty-two here today and I had to meet Skinny down at the Shanty Town. Matt had the day off so we headed to the Lodge. Parked in my spot and saw the big sign on the door that the Lodge will only be open on Sunday afternoon to Lodge members plus one for the big football game. Check football specials inside, so we did. Happy hour one hour before and after game with one dollar cheeseburgers during half-time Pizza half price but must be ordered before fourth quarter starts. Conies and Chili free during half time. Only individual glasses of beer or mixed drinks will be for sale. I talked to Gus and told him it looks like a fine promotion to me.


Matt and I drove down to the shanty and follow the orange cone road that Skinny and Hammering Hank had marked out. If there is one thing we do need is some snow for banking up our houses. It has been few years since we have had a proper Ice Town but this year is looking good. The FELLOWS have pushed out their generator shanty out onto the ice and for a nominal fee you can get put on the power grid that will run in the evening. I think I will get hooked up and save my solar for back up. The rink has been cleared and they are practing broom ball, The Lodge is going to sponsor a team in the Church League this season, there is an all clergies team that I hear soaks their brooms in holly water and lets them freeze, hurts like he}{ when you take a slash off the shins. The main driving lane here has been called Crappie Drive as that is what most guys have been catching. I don't mine at all, a nice crappie in a Kaiser roll is quite tasty if you ask me. Tomorrow is going to be the same as today, lower thirties and I think I will be spending some time here at Shanty town at Lake Iwanttobethere


Posted by Bobby Bass on January 2, 2018 at 11:20 PM Comments comments (1)

A BALMY NINE above zero here today with some snow flurries but no sunshine. My son in law called me and said he just had to work a half day and if I wanted to set up the shanty. A look at the warm weather and I told him to pick me up. We stopped at the Lodge to pick up our participation package for the Ice House Fling. We won or I should say the shanty won ten cans of grubs and a dozen minnows a week from the Masterbaiters Bait Shop. Five loose meat sandwiches from Amy's Bakery and ten thermos refills of coffee or cocoa from the Dew Drop Inn. While we were there at the Lodge we put our contact number on the lake map. The Ice Shanty Town has a few rules one being you have to put contact numbers on a map showing where your shanty is out on the ice and if the lights are on or smoke is coming out the chimney you have to have your cell or CB on so you can be checked up on.


When we got there we saw trucks on the ice so we drove right up to the shanty and parked. Some crackling ice but it looked good. Matt helped me inside and someone had already augured out four holes through the ice and I headed to the poles and soon had four rods rigged and was drowning minnows. I gave Matt directions on hooking up the solar panel outside and wiring it to the big battery we had brought. While he did that I took out a bag of dryer lint which makes the best dang fire starter you will see and put it in the little wood stove. Some kindling on top and I pulled a cigar from my pocket, clipped the end then got two wood matches from the box of wood matches on the shelf. I lit the matches, lit the cigar and tossed the wood matches on the dryer lint and Poof we had fire. Added a couple of bigger pieces of wood and I closed the door.


Matt now raised the short CB antenna up through the roof and we called the cabin, the wife answered and we are good to go. Most guys on the ice don't use an antenna because we are so close but the wife likes to keep track of me. Matt came in and asked while I only had three rods out and I turned to tell him I had set up four, looking at the holes and dang I got took. We looked down the empty hole and the missing rod was no where to be seen. Rigged another rod and we were soon fishing. Matt hooked up the fan and lights as dark settled in on us. We found the hockey game on the radio and ate some stew that we heated on top of the wood stove. No real fish to talk about. Did catch six small crappie that were about the size of puzzle of big crappie. Home team won and we discounted the big battery and brought that home. Locked the door and we will come back again when it warms up here at Lake Iwanttobethere.


Posted by Bobby Bass on January 1, 2018 at 11:10 PM Comments comments (0)

ONE ABOVE IN the Puddle Humper which might be the warm mark for the day. News Years morning I woke up to minus twenty and I don't care where you are that is cold. Gus and I had a talk about if we were going to cancel the Lodge dinner because of parking for Lodge members and guests. Normally we would park our excess cars in the public access as the Lodge's parking lot and along the roadside but that will fill quickly when we have this many members and guests show up. But that is a long walk coming up from the access for someone in these kind of temperatures Frank the plow driver had the holiday off and his relief driver plowed Main Street meaning Old McDonnell could not run his sleigh down to the access and McDonnell also said it was to cold for his horses. To the rescue Big Earl volunteered his heated cargo van so the guys from the high school who will be doing the valet parking have some place to stay warm when they park cars at the access.


Skinny put a few burn barrels by the side door and filled them with slab wood, they put out so much heat, people started getting off there instead of the Main Doors. A cable was strung up in the basement and coats were hung from hangers there so we had more room upstairs. Dinner was Prime Rib and Wild Rice Soup or Spaghetti with Venison Meat Balls and of course all the fixings. Balloon drop at ten PM and Midnight and it was about four in the morning when I finally got home. Duncan was waiting for me sitting by a red ember fire with a chuck of hot wood at his feet. I stirred the coals, added some kindling and a piece of Birch, bark side down and then a couple of pieces of oak on top. I debated at heading to a cold bed but looking at the flame licking around the wood I eyed the couch. I laid down on the couch, tossed the quilt over myself and the brown dog agreed with me and climbed up alongside. I woke up a few hours later and it was seventeen below out, this is getting ridiculous.


Sunshine Ray was a very popular guy at dinner as he was under bombardment about when the cold weather was going to stop, like he had any control over it. Last I heard it will warm up here some tomorrow then we are going to step down into the deep freeze again, seventeen below, nineteen below and then twenty below then warm up on Saturday enough for some snow before it gets cold again. We are making ice though! by the inches. I am hearing this from those who have volunteer to go out on the ice. No one has fished out of my shanty and I won't be either till I can go out and know I won't be frozen to my seat.


At the cabin we have had to run the furnace to get heat back in the back of the cabin and help the fireplace. Duncan has been wearing Bud's booties and now owns them. Every time he goes out he is bring back firewood so we have been letting him out a lot. Tahoe is plugged in so if we need it we can hit the power switch and an hour later she purrs over and is ready to ride in. Since I get to sit in the passenger seat I get the one seat where the heater works like it is brand new. Did get my second sign of spring the other day, besides a couple of seed catalogs I got my boat license application for the Puddle Humper. thirty-eight well spent dollars I hope. Just got off the phone with my son, he called to wish me Happy New Year and to tell me he was in Florida and it was a little chilly as it was only seventy. I told him I have a special place for him in my heart and at Lake Iwanttobethere

Hot Wood

Posted by Bobby Bass on December 30, 2017 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (0)

MINUS 7 IN the Puddle Humper, I just got home from the Lodge where I watched a win by the home hockey team and enjoyed rib night. Some lights on in shanty town as it actually got above zero today and some of the guys went out on the ice to drop a line and set up their houses the way they want. Shortly after dark their was a light show as Nytelyters Shanty exploded in color. He had a mis fire on his launch but he thought he fixed it tonight except all of his fireworks and roman candles went off at the same time. I am sure that everyone on this side of the lake saw it and I know a few of the young guys came out of their houses with fire extinguishers but don't know that it is OK, Nytelyter is an expert at blowing things up.


We spent time in the Lodge guessing who was coming through the front door. The same people who complained last week about it being so cold are the same ones complaining today and are still wearing the same clothes that they wore when it was twenty degrees warmer. Now the guys who came through the door wearing bibs and Arctic parkas with fur rimmed hoods and Mukluks on their feet with leather mitts with more fur on the top, these guys were dressed for the minus twenty below weather. The coats are maybe twenty years old and they had to dig deep in the back of the their closets for them but these are the same guys who have the right duck hunting clothes and even if they only wear them for a few weeks a year they are well worth the money spent when bought. Putting on layers is fine but a good Arctic parka that sits heavy on your shoulders feels pretty good when you are out on the ice and the wind is trying to lift you up. Of course a heated seat in the Tahoe is pretty nice to have to.


After I dug up my winter coat out of the back of the front hall closet I found Buds old booties. I figured they would fit Duncan and he tried them on. He didn't not try and pull them off as I am sure he could smell Bud on them and those two spent a lot of time together. I let Duncan outside and the booties worked. He ran around the yard in the cold now that his paws were no longer cold. He came to the door and I told him to go get me some "Hot Wood" he ran up to the wood pile and looking it over, he went under the tarp and dragged a piece of oak to the back door. I smiled and told him to get more. Back to the pile he went and after five pieces I told him he done good and get in the cabin. He went to the fireplace and I took off the booties and rubbed his feet some. I then put two of the oak pieces into the fire and the two of us sat on the couch and I tossed the blanket over us. Duncan snuggled in close and I think I was warmer then him so I let him use me to warm up here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Baby It's Cold Outside

Posted by Bobby Bass on December 27, 2017 at 4:05 PM Comments comments (1)

BABY IT'S COLD Outside, the old Dean Martin song is playing on the outside speakers at the rink below the Lodge this afternoon. Kids are on vacation but you could not tell as there is no movement that I can see from my vantage point here at the Lodge. A few ice shanties have smoke curling out of their chimney pipes but those are the big old shanties doing that. There may or may not be fishermen in the modern houses with their state of the art heaters. Ice is not thick enough for trucks yet so anyone out there had to bundle up and walk out. My neighbor Chuck had to go to the big city today so he asked if I wanted to go to the Lodge. A free ride in a warm truck is hard to refuse so I called ahead to the Lodge and told Gus he could take the day off if he wanted and I didn't have to ask twice.


Ride through town I saw a lot of trucks parked in front of stores and the dinners. Exhaust coming out of mufflers as no one wants to turn them off when it is this cold. Twenty-one below here when I checked the thermometer at the Lodge. I glanced at Wendy the Windmill on the hill behind the Lodge and she was spinning briskly. I am sure our wind chill was well below minus forty. I am sitting at one of the tables that look out over Lake Iwanttobethere. I have my laptop out and I am sitting far enough away that I don't get a cold draft from the glass but close enough to work on my vitamin D as sunshine is ample coming through the windows.


Dieago the parrot is out of his cage walking around and inspecting the Christmas decorations hanging from the ceiling and making flying interesting for him. I had a half of a clubhouse sandwich and some nice greasy French fries that went down real easy. Wife would not approve but I have had enough of turkey and ham and all the fixings for awhile. In my defense the clubhouse did have tomato and lettuce on in and I had Honey Sauce make it on rye bread. Little does Honey Sauce know that I actually like rye bread. Decorations will be up till after the Gala News Years Eve Party that once again is being held by the Women's Auxiliary. The Lodge will then be cleaned up and decorations put away till next year. Lodge will get tables put back where they belong and the small dance floor area will disappear as Elemer's wicker couch will come back up from the basement along with the oversize backed chairs that are usually in front of the fireplace. Hockey games will be on the big screen TV along with the football games leading to the Super Bowl. We might even have a big party here as there is a chance we may have a team to cheer on.


I had an excellent Christmas week, spent time with my grand kids and my own kids. What was going to be a hectic week on paper actually worked out just fine. Even had time to sit in front of the fireplace with my two sons and my son in law and Chuck who has always been an uncle to them. Smoked some cigars and had a few drinks and just talked, something we don't as a group get to do as much as we should. For me my goal was to celebrate another Christmas and now we move on to the next goal. Be around for fishing opener as I keep fighting my cancer and look forward to fishing with my sons and son in law and of course Chuck and all of you here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Making Ice

Posted by Bobby Bass on December 25, 2017 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (0)

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO All from us here at Lake Iwanttobethere. What should be a busy day here is not and I have a chance to catch up on the doings here. Minus 7 here in the Puddle Humper at three in the afternoon. I don't think I have ever written that before. I just let Duncan out to do his business and he was at the back door in about two minutes trying to keep his paws off the deck. I let him in and at his best speed he made it to the fireplace, laid down on his side and stuck his paws towards the heat. I rolled over and did my best to give his paws a massage and told him he needed to be quicker.


Of course here in Fish County when it is this cold we simply turn it into good news and that is "We are making ice" and for sure we are. Thursday night all the kids were at the cabin and we exchange presents. I sent my grand kids all home with enough stuff that that makes noise that it should drive their parents out into the cold. Keeping in the tradition of all grandparents, spoil them then send them to their own homes. Friday night was the Lodge party and the exchange of gifts. I had Junior and could not really come up with something so I paid to have the 223 Pink Flamingos placed in his yard. With this weather they may be there for a while. I got a bottle of good vodka from one of our new members, Jake. I don't drink hard stuff much but I will make an exception in the gift of the vodka. Dinner was pizza and chili and Coney's. We started working on the Ice House Fling and it was a good thing we did. The newer light weight ice houses are not built to be flung and to make a long story short we tried making a brace for them that didn't work and we ended up sending the light weight ones tied to the front of the heavier shanties. This made the launches slow but we did get them all on the ice by half time of the football game.


I did not ride my shantie down but my son in law Matt made the ride. He questioned why we had all the air bags tied to the side of the ice house but I told him he would be fine. We secured him in my custom ice fishing barber chair using the racing five point seat belt and gave him a cell phone velcroed to his hand. Closed the door and gave him a thumbs up. I waved to Skinny who started the tractor and pulled the bungee back all the way. Matt being the last shantie to go down the hill had a job. He had to clear the other shanties out of the way so we could have a road. The message went out to all the shanties on the ice to turn on their lights and the crowd started a count down and we let him lose on two instead of zero. Down the hill he went and when he hit the first house it sounded like he blew two of the airbags, after that we just watched my shantie bounce shanties out of the way and the sound of exploding airbags. With all the lights in the darkness it kind of looked like a pinball game. There was some screaming, I don't think it was Matt but it could have been. Then he came to a rest and we had a nice clear lane for the road for the Lake Iwanttobethere shanty town.


Special thanks to John from the power company who turned all the rink lights towards the launch area and redid the speakers for us. The FELLOWS who were making snow for the Luge run but stooped to move the snow cannon to the hill so we could cover it in snow between launches and who also found a construction size heater and a big pig of propane to heat the launch area where we were working as it got pretty dang cold Saturday night. The Ladies Auxiliary did a fine job on Sunday night with a big sit down fancy Christmas Eve dinner for anyone who wanted to come. I don't think I saw many empty chairs at all. I am pretty much Turkey and Ham filed out. Later this evening I am headed to the mother in laws and I overheard the wife talking to her about having spaghetti for dinner for those who want it. That and some wine and some bread sounds pretty good. Normally I would head out to the shantie, drop a line and start a fire in the little pot stove, but not tonight as it has dropped two degrees and it is now nine below and guess what? we are making ice here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Christmas week starts

Posted by Bobby Bass on December 21, 2017 at 9:10 PM Comments comments (0)

KILLING TIME HERE in the den at the cabin. I have a bag of cherry lifesavers close to hand and a half empty glass of pop along with a empty plate that held Christmas cookies earlier. I was banned from the kitchen before noon today. The wife is in full bakin and cookie mode. Family should be here soon as we are having dinner and gift opening tonight. Wife is baking cookies to fill her tins and send home with the kids along with brownies and her fudge. Along with this she is making supper and baking bread. The only one allowed in there is the brown dog who knows better then going no farther then the door where he lays and waits for his sample of broken cookies.


My neighbor Chuck came over and using his tractor he cleared my drive before going over and doing Elmer's. Three more inches of snow fell overnight. In a Christmas miracle Sunshine Ray was right in his snowfall forecast. Chuck then came back and took down the big icicle that was hanging over the front door. I heard it hit the front porch from inside the cabin. The wife invited him in and gave him coffee and cookies and told him to stay out of the kitchen. Chuck mentioned that I said I got Banana Cream Pie and how a piece would taste good, she gave him some but forgot about me. Chuck sat in the den with me for most of the afternoon as he to had been kicked out of his kitchen, his wife is baking cookies for the Lodge.


So we smoked a couple of cigars, we are a little behind on them and chatted. We never have any problem being together and killing time. We both have our shanties ready to be hauled to the Lodge for the Ice House Fling which reminded me, I needed to put the charger on my trolling motor battery so I have juice for my lights. Chuck took care of that for me. The wife came in and said I needed to go to town and get some sprinkles from Ma and Pa's she was out. I asked her if she looked in the bag by the bread box and then I heard the "Never mind, I found them" Chuck took his coat back off and sat back down. I just looked at him and said "Do you really think she forgot anything?" Chuck nodded his head and then we talked about this little lake he over heard a guy talking about with big bass and even bigger northern but no public access.


Which brings me to another topic, today is the shortest day of the year which means tomorrow our days start getting longer. It also just happens to be my monthly birthday. Coincidence I don't think so. Matter of fact my birthdays are the day after all the good days, Like spring and summer for example. just saying.....


Well the first grand kids have arrived, the wife has invited them in to the kitchen so maybe I can go in to and now we start Christmas here at Lake Iwanttobethere ***** Be Safe, Be Happy and have a good Christmas *****

Busy Week

Posted by Bobby Bass on December 20, 2017 at 10:05 PM Comments comments (0)

WELL, PAST DARK here at Hidden Bay as I write this I just had a slice of the wife's Banana Cream Pie and it sure hit the spot. Outside the den window it is snowing and has been since supper time. Sunshine Ray is forecasting four inches of the white stuff and I think he will come up short, it is coming down pretty good. I have been meaning to write but my hands have been bothering me the past few days. After the snow falls the temperature is going to do the same. Right now it is only fourteen in the Puddle Humper and by Christmas day the word is it may not reach zero for the daytime high. Tahoe may have to get plugged in between trips to the Lodge this weekend.


Old McDonnell is no longer offering hay rides on Main Street but with all the snow he is now giving out sleigh rides instead. I made a deal with Frank the plow driver to not plow the right lane of snow that goes to the Lodge till Christmas. It came with a price as it cost me my last box of peanut butter Girl School cookies that I had. Actually I didn't even know I had them till I was looking for a bread pan, I think Diego the parrot put them there when he was here.


Just days away from Christmas and I will be busy. We will be celebrating Christmas here at the cabin on Thursday night. All the kids and grand kids will be here for supper then present opening. Friday night will be the Lodge's Christmas party and gift exchange. Saturday will be our first after dark Ice House Fling, instead of just ten houses to be launched we will launch till all houses are shot out on to the ice with the big bungee cord. The prizes that have been donated will be giving away to all that have launched till they are gone. I will have my fling shanty ready and right now I will go out at number twenty right behind my neighbor Chuck who is number nineteen. The first ten houses are all lightweight modern jobs so they should get away from shore far enough that us heavy boys don't destroy them if we just happen to bump in the night.


Not many rule changes, the usual no drinking till you have launched, you need to stay in your Shanty till the all clear is given. We have added that lights must be added and on so we can see where your house stops. Flares must be onboard. Dan Theim will be loaded in a Alert One if needed and the ATV club will also be on hand. Launching should start at six PM We understand that a big football game will also be going on at the same time as we have arranged to have the speakers at the ice rink aimed at the lake so we can at least get the play by play of the game.

Sunday afternoon we will have Christmas dinner for all the Lodges familles and anyone else who needs a good home cooked meal. I will be there for all of these events but will slip away for awhile to attend the mother in law's get together, This was not my choice but a strong suggestion by my wife. This week I have already attended two Christmas parties involving my grand kids. Now that they are getting older I find myself enjoying them more for some reason. Of course going to them in my wheelchair lets me it in the front row, I just have to suffer a few "Poor guy looks" Chuck who has to sit on a small hard seat just rolls his eyes at me and waves at me not using all of his fingers. A busy weekend here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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