Lake Iwanttobethere

You may live in Gods country, but his cabin is at Lake Iwanttobethere


Lodge and Lake Questions

  1. Where is the Lodge?

    The Lodge is on the shores of Lake Iwantobethere in Fish County.

  2. Who is Bobby Bass?

    Bobby Bass is the Lodge manager, a part time resort owner and also the local retired building inspector.

  3. Is Lake Iwanttobethere a real place?

    Lake Iwantobethere is everywhere and is based on stories from dads and uncles and grandfathers and old fishing buddies. The Lodge is just  over the next hill around the bend and right where you remember it. When reading the stories you may be reminded of a baitshop you were once in or a dinner you drove by. The stories are here to help you remember one of them vacation you had as a kid or a place you heard about in stories.

  4. How much of these stories are true?

    Every story is based on a true event, it is up to you to decide what part is true and what part may have been emblished, just a tad.

  5. How old and how many stories are there?

    The story first started over ten years ago and there are over 2700 of them, over 1200 are hosted here. Some long time readers have actually copied all of the stories. Two outdoor sites host Lake Iwanttobethere and one has the entire tale.

    This web site is now the home for the Lodge and you will find Lake Iwanttobethere stories posted here first along with updates about Bobby's new dog "The Duncan Report" also all of  Bobby Bass videos are posted here.

  6. Is there a book?

    The idea for a tabletop book has been tossed back and forth over the past year. We are working at putting all the stories together and some will show up on this site as "Best Of" for now the stories will be here free for the reading, but who knows..

  7. Store?

    Writting a book and having a store for selling the book, mugs, pens and more Lake Iwwanttobethere items all start with a web site. We have the start of a website and now we are working to get some stories on here, write new stories for you to read and enjoy another fishing season here at the lake.

  8. How do I become a member of the Lodge?

    Plese sign up as a member to the Lodge and post your fishing stories and of course your pictures, We welcome any and all pictures in good taste as we have a lot of wall space, The Lodge has a really big main room.

  9. How many reads?

    As of February 2016 over 3.0 million visits have been made to read the stories of Lake Iwanttobethere on three different web sites. As long as people keep reading we will keep writting..

  10. The Resort

    The Resort is something new to Lake Iwanttobethere as Bobby, Chuck, Hammering Hank, Elmer, Marv and Vic have all gone in and bought Vic's old family resort and are now calling it their own. With Skinny in the mix there is sure to be some stories coming from this place.

  11. Video Veiws

    Bobby Bass videos have been veiwed over 35,000 times on three different sites. featuring fishing and some Lodge cooking tips.

  12. updated

    Feb 26th 2016

  13. How big is this blog

    There are 1,452, 282 words in the 'book' that is 1,939 pages long.

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