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Posted by Bobby Bass on March 19, 2017 at 9:45 AM

27 HERE IN THEboat at Hidden Bay here at Lake Iwanttobethere. As I sit down to write today's jottings Sunshine Ray was just on KCUM radio with a forecasted high today of near fifty, I guess that is his way of hedging his forecast. A nice sunrise this morning and that is a sign of spring and I hope an everyday event of the upcoming summer. I have infusion therapy now every Thursday for the next eight weeks. Part of this is I will be receiving steroids which leaves me with insomnia for about four days afterwards so I am up all night and most of the day. It would be great if I could get a lot of work done but it does not work that way. Good thing there are a lot of fishing shows I can record and hockey games to watch in the dead of night.



Yesterday was the grandson's birthday and he got a tricked out bike from Wheels n Spokes. He rode it here to the cabin to show me. Getting a new bike when you are eleven is a lot like a grownup getting a new four wheeler or snowmobile. Made me think of my first fancy bike, a ten speed with skinny tires painted candy apple green, I had to special order the color and those extra few weeks felt like it was half the summer before I got it. Skinny tires were not the best for riding the dirt roads to the fishing hole with my buddies and lots of times I was last as they were still ridding their bikes with the knobby wheels and banana seats. But once we got up on the black top and I shifted through my ten gears they were far behind me and I would go so fast I would have to take my hat off so I would not lose it. I think I rode that bike into pieces in two summers but I still remember it fifty years later. I am thinking the grandson will have the same kind of memories with his new bike as we both looked it over.


We went inside and I gave him his cooler and he shook it like most kids do to their presents, right away he was guessing tackle mostly because that is what he had asked for. I did surprise him though as he took off the top and found out how much was inside. For a few moments there he forgot about his new bike and his eyes lit up with the color of fishing lures and sharp hooks. I got a big hug and a thank you and he told me he would be back later to fill his tackle box but he had to get back home before dark and with that he jumped on his new bike and headed home. I made it to the couch for a short nap and it was a good day for both of us.


Silently Sunday today and the cabin is quiet at this time. Will do a little watering on my garden plants that I have started, maybe some reading and will try to get some sleep in. Hockey game this afternoon that I will try and watch and maybe the Wild will reward me with a win, it has been awhile for them. Have to do my exercises working on my legs and maybe spend some time on the Lake Finder looking for that special new lake to fish this summer off the beaten path. Still looking at maybe finding a cabin to rent late this summer, my neighbor Chuck is still game for it and it just might be what the dr. order for me. I am hoping I will be well enough that it would be worth my wild to reward myself with some serious quiet fishing time just sitting in the Puddle Humper and drifting and fishing easy like.


I should roll up some cigars, easier to do with the light coming through the window so I can see what I am doing I also have to make a fishing tackle bag up for the grand daughter to, Her birthday is not till November but she should have a full tackle box for the summer to. Has been awhile since she has been over, everyone is sick over at her house and I can't be around sick people, my immune system is suppressed right now, kind of makes it hard to be around people so I spend a lot of time on the phone bothering people that way, good thing I don't have your number here at Lake Iwanttobethere.

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