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Posted by Bobby Bass on March 18, 2017 at 2:05 PM

34 HERE IN THEboat at Hidden Bay here at Lake Iwanttobethere. Today is the grandson also know as one of the Tenners birthday. Even though he will be turning eleven he still wants to be know as a Tenner so I guess the name is going to stick to him and his female cousin. I have already been to the Lodge this morning as we had a Lodge meeting amongst employees. The Ladies Auxiliary of course meets in the small meeting room and their gathering tends to keep Lodge members away till after their gathering is over. This gives us a perfect time to conduct Lodge business. Now I am sure that some of you have figured out that over the years I have a certain amount of control of this place we call Lake Iwanttobethere. Truth be told I think this is the first time it has been mentioned that I actually own the town and it has been in my family for years.


The Lodge is one of the things I own and run with a light touch. Things are going to change a little here due to my illness and I am in the position to make some changes. This morning at our meeting the first such change was made. Since I will be unavailable for any work on Thursdays for the next several months I am once again stepping back. Gus will now be promoted to full time Lodge manager and as a reward Honey Sauce has been promoted from head waitress to assistant manager of the Lodge. Vinnie will now be promote to head server.


The town will continue to grow and in the months ahead we will focus on some of the businesses in town and of course introduce you to the owners and some of the summer residents that live on the lake. Also with summer coming we will be featuring several new Lodge members. We will also revisit Lodge members and keep you up to date on what is going on around town. Between the county fair and Fourth of July doings, weekend fishing contests and the upcoming garden season, camping outings and fishing trips there is a lot of places where the lake stories will take us this summer.


I would like the lake stories to continue after I am gone. I am hoping maybe the Tenners will pick up where I leave off and maybe we will take a look at what the town looks like in the eyes of some youngsters. Maybe a step back in our past or maybe it will be a step forward in our future. Duncan of course will be a story line as the brown dog is always doing something. Mother in law will make an appearance as she is getting older every day and is starting to slip a little. Death and birth is part of the lake as is my health and the old lady who we don't talk about a lot but I am going to as she bugs the heck out of me as much as my own wife does.


Grand kids and old dogs and son in laws and thunderstorms and mowing grass. Geese and northerns and lost bass and buzzing bees. Lemonade and swings on decks, birthdays and funerals and parades. Mooing cows and snorting pigs, sweet corn and BBQ's ripe tomatoes ate from the vine and home made cigars lit with wood matches. Fire pits and sparks climbing up in to pitch black night sky. Moon so bright you can read by. Quaking ducks and crash landing loons, frogs croaking and fireflies flying. Dragonflies like hueys coming in low. Those dang wasps and delicious ice cold watermelon. Clouds that look like lions floating across the sky. Crows cawing Grouse drumming. Deer in the garden, ripe strawberries being stolen by chipmunks and groundhogs digging. Flipping rocks looking for fishing bait, skipping rocks into the lake. Wading streams in summer heat. Soccer games and church beer ball games. Weddings and go carts races, hay rides. Bluegills cleaning your tangling toes off the dock, sucker fishing with borrowed suckers. Fish frys, root beer floats, apple pie. Shooting skeet and lazy naps.The best bologna sandwiches ever eaten on the banks of a creek. There will still be a lot to write about here at Lake Iwanttobethere

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Reply Bobby Bass
9:54 AM on March 19, 2017 
legalmusky says...
Tomorrow is my 780th monthly birthday

congrats! hey someone older then me on here ! hahah... btw it is good to own a town, till the bills come in !
Reply legalmusky
6:34 PM on March 18, 2017 
Tomorrow is my 780th monthly birthday
Reply legalmusky
6:31 PM on March 18, 2017 
You paint a terrific memory mural in the last paragraph.
I'm sure the stories in the future will take us to fun places.
BTW, It stands to reason that you own the town.

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