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Smallies aganist the Walleye

Posted by Bobby Bass on March 17, 2017 at 9:10 AM

32 HERE IN THEboat at Hidden Bay here at Lake Iwanttobethere. We did have a snow event here on Monday as we received some rabbit tracking snow overnight at the Resort. Maybe an inch at the Lodge and a whopping twelve inches at my daughters new house on the other side of Mystery River. Son in law had to get his new snow thrower out so he could get out of the garage. This morning Sunshine Ray is calling for snow changing to ice then to rain, should be a mess by noon. I had to come into the big city yesterday for treatment as I will be for the next six weeks every Thursday. I left the brown dog with the wife and every day she called to tell me WHAT my dog had done. I keep telling her that Duncan is hers as he follows her around 24/7 and she does not believe me. When we first got Duncan the old dogs were around and I spent a lot of time with them because they deserved it. When they past on I then spent time with Duncan but it was too late as he had already started to bond with her. Not unusual as I have found out over the years that male dogs tend to bond to females and females to males. Unless you spend a lot of time with them or as in the wife case she would sneak Duncan table food, You can’t compete against food.






Duncan will spend time with me if she is away from the cabin but even then he will have one eye on the door waiting for her return. Of course the last year I have not been driving so we do miss our outings which might have helped some with him bonding with me. He does enjoy his time at the Lodge though. I did come into town with Vic, it was time for his spring hair cut and looking in the mirror I did need one also. Vic drove and it took us awhile to get into town but I was in no hurry and he is a better driver then my wife so all was well. We arrived at Burt’s and Bart’s Barbershop and walked into a heated argument about fishing, just what I needed. The shop was divided on walleye and smallmouth fishing at Lake Iwanttobethere. Slowly but surely the lake is turning into a smallmouth fishery The walleye guys were complaining that there are so many smallies that you can’t get your bait down to the walleyes without the smallies snatching it.





I sat back and listen as I am a largemouth kind of guy and I have my spots where neither the walleye or the smallmouth have yet invaded. In my spots the pike have returned and in recent years I have enjoyed catching pike who get bigger every year and love hitting my topwater baits. The secret spots I pretty much only share with my neighbor Chuck who two years ago caught a forty inch pike and the mere mention of it puts a smile on his face. Fish County is in a spot where we are just in the upper Largemouth area but the Smallmouth are now moving South and overlapping giving us the best of both worlds. Walleye are everywhere if you are a walleye fishermen. Pike, big pike have to be looked for as there numbers are down but if you know where to go there are still some big ones to be caught. One thing about Lake Iwanttobethere is we do have some of everything but you have to put in the time, that is why they call it fishing not catching.






My youngest daughter caught her personal best out of the back of the Puddle Humper then two days later caught a new personal best largemouth. The last year that I got to fish I had four people who fished with me increase there personal best bass fishing out of the back of the boat, they just happen to be on the right part of Lake Iwanttobethere at the right time and I got to play guide. I have their pictures on my den wall with their fish and I smile every time I look at the pictures of them, I was happy to be there. My goal this season is to get out fishing and get the Tenners to get some pictures on the wall.



So I got a haircut and a beard trim, looking in the mirror I did need it. We stopped over at Amy’s Bakery for a big slice of apple pie and took a slow ride back to the Resort and a well needed nap. I did get the Bait Room organized, in my head. Now I just need our tackle order to come in so I can put it together on the walls. I took one of the small Styrofoam coolers and filled it with tackle as a present for my grandson when I got back to the cabin, I added a mess of stuff from my own tackle boxes. There will be more than enough stuff to fill his empty tackle box for his 132 nd month birthday on Saturday. I will do the same for my fishing granddaughter, they will get a lot of fishing stuff when I pass so why make them wait I figure. On another note I had to dig out my old keyboard out as I could not get use to the new keyboard that I had upgraded to. Guess we still need to stay old school in some things here at Lake Iwanttobethere.


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