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Silent Sunday

Posted by Bobby Bass on March 12, 2017 at 10:15 AM

12 IN THE BOAT HERE ON HIDDEN BAY as I sit down at the desk here early this morning. I woke up at four thirty and could not go back to sleep. Since I am doing infusion therapy on Thursday I have to follow up with some low dosages of steroids on Friday and Saturday. A side effect of the steroids is I don't sleep much and I have a sense that I can do a lot more then what I should be. The plus side is I get some things done on the Honey Do List but then pay for it later. I know it has been awhile since I have mentioned Silent Sundays but I do try and make them happen. With having a cell phone now people just text me instead of calling, I might just have to have a Silent Sunday with no cell phone.


Silent Sunday came at a good time as yesterday I was busy. Number one and number two grandsons were here for most of the day. The wife took number one and I took number two. The day was filled with hockey as we watched a Wild game I had recorded then a high school champship game. Some where in there we made a batch of chili in the big crock pot. Actually I watched as the male half of the Tenners assembled all the fixings. He has learned the secret recipe and he might have made it a little hot but it turned out all right. We did try something a little different as we did not put hamburger in it but instead we diced up a small beef roast and put that in instead.


Now I have found that anything you do is never straight forward, something needs to be done. In the case of the diced up beef I did not have a knife in the cabin that was sharp enough for the job. I went looking for my fish knife that is always sharp and I could not find it. So I sent the grandson to the shop and had him bring in the bench sander. We gathered all the knifes in the cabin and I put a edge on every single one. We now have sharp knifes once again. With chili cooking we set our sights on apples, we peeled a bag with a hint to the wife and the other grandson to make apple pie. Back to watching more high school hockey and flipping channels to catch the local college team complete a first round sweep and move on. Another northern high school team wins a championship and for at least the next year the north rules in high school hockey.


The female half of the Tenners calls me to tell me she is having a great time at the water park they are staying at for the weekend on the far side of Lake Iwanttobethere Her foot has healed so she can return to swimming again and she is one happy camper. Todays plan is to head up to the Resort for the day. Big Chicago/Wild game at noon and I am going to sit back with the guys and watch it. By the time it is done I am sure I will be ready for a nice catch up nap and no one will be able to disturb me up there as more then likely all the other guys will be ready for a nap to. When I get up I will head to the Bait Room and start arranging things. Have some prices to raise on things as tackle prices have once gain gone up on things. Can't make any money if we are selling stuff cheaper then what we can buy them for this year.


Sunshine Ray is forecasting that we may be in for a snow event starting tonight. We are going to be caught between a low and a high coming right over the top of Lake Iwanttobethere. This means if it parks over head we could be in for enough snow that we might actually have to use the snow throwers. The snow would be nice as back at the cabin I have more grass then snow covering the ground. Maybe I will get to spend some time later this evening smoking a home rolled cigar, drinking a few sips of beer and working on a stress free day here at Lake Iwanttobethere

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