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Posted by Bobby Bass on March 10, 2017 at 9:35 AM

-3 IN THE BOAT HERE ON HIDDEN BAY as I sit down at the desk here early this morning. I woke up at three and could not go back to sleep. I kind of dozed till my rumbling stomach was to much and I got up and first checked the fire in the fire place. Some hot coals looked back at me and I decided to hold off on the fire but instead went over to the thermostat and bumped it up a couple of clicks and soon the furnace was pushing heat into the cabin. I made my way to the kitchen open the fridge and looked at my options. Hard boiled eggs, nope. A chicken breast was looking kind of good till I saw the porterhouse steak that was out for supper.


I got the sixteen inch cast iron pan out, the long handle turkey fork some Mrs. Dash and some oil. Yup, I had made my choice, I was going to have steak for an early breakfast and not some little breakfast steak but the real deal. I washed the steak off, patted it dry, smeared on some oil then sprinkled some dash on. Into the pan it went and I headed to the fireplace. Moved the grate out of the way stirred the coals a little so they were cherry red and plopped the pan in the middle of them. Back to the kitchen for a plate and a fork and steak knife then back to the living room in time to flip the steak in the pan. I already could smell the steak as it sizzled away and with the smell of the maple smoke and my lips were smacking.


A few minutes later and I used the turkey fork to spear the steak out of the pan and onto my plate. First piece might have been a little undercooked but it sure hit the spot. I cut off another nice piece then put the rest of the steak back in the pan and back on the coals. I let it cook a little longer as I ate what I had cut off. I took the steak back out and back on the plate and this time it was cooked to my liking. I moved to the couch ate my steak and watched the morning news on TV, can't remember when I have ever had a better six o'clock steak.


Yesterday I left the cabin in the dark and got back home in the dark. Had to go to the big city for my first chemo treatment 2nd battle round. Eight hour IV treatment and the next few days we will see what kind of side effects it is going to leave me with. I have already decided I am going to tuff this out and not let me them slow me down. I have to many things I want and need to do. My garden, fishing and time with my grand kids. I have also decided that stories about the Lodge are going to be more positive and more about what is going on around here. So as the weeks go on you are going to hear less about me and more about the town and all of the people living in. Stories may be short and sweet or may be a few pages long, who knows this is after all Lake Iwanttobethere

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Reply legalmusky
6:23 PM on March 10, 2017 
Hang in there Bobby.
We are rooting for you.
Fishing season is 2 months away, you can do it.
3 months and it's Lake Iwannagoagain, for me.

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