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Posted by Bobby Bass on October 15, 2017 at 8:15 PM Comments comments (0)

WELL THE BOYS are back! the RV followed by the pickups returned Saturday afternoon and with a lurch the RV parked on the edge of the parking lot where I noticed a steady drip of catsup forming a little pool under it. Well on closer examination it was really trannie fluid but with a RV powered by bio-diesel and smelling like French fries a case could be made for the catsup. There was no movement for awhile then the side door of the RV open and the guys came out one by one. Wearing carhart jackets, jeans or brush pants, redwings boots on feet with untied laces tangling. Bags in hands or backpacks slung over shoulders. Dog carriers were open on the pickups and Gypsy, Rose and Lee hopped out on to the new limestone of the lot, stretched a little then headed to the woods to relieve themselves. From out of the RV another dog appeared one that I did not recognize and someone else who appeared to be his or hers owner.


The guys made their way into the Lodge and there was a question if they were going to make it to the big round table but they did. A few guys just put their arms on the table and rested their heads on their arms and I think they went to sleep. I looked back at the bar and Honey Sauce was holding up a beer mug and I nodded my head yes. She then took out some frosted mugs from the freezer, filled them with Hamms and brought them to the round table. A couple of the resting guys noses twitched and their hands went out searching for the beer mugs while still keeping their eyes closed. Lips found the mugs and slurping sounds could be heard followed by a few sighs.


No one was talking but I knew they would sooner or later. The new guy let in the four dogs and Gypsy, Rose and Lee plopped down in front of the fireplace and the brown dog made a round of the Lodge before he to found a spot off to the side of the fireplace. New guy pulled up a chair and leaning back he to closed his eyes, he looked a little familiar but I was having a hard time placing him. I caught Honey waving at me out of the corner of my eye holding a soup bowl. I looked at the wall clock and I knew we had only served up about a dozen bowls of the grouse soup and I nodded yes to Honey and she started filling up bowls and putting them on a serving cart. She rolled the cart over to the round table and noses started sniffing and a few eyes opened. I will admit I had out done myself with the grouse soup, Fourteen grouse breasts had been diced up and added to the big pot, wild rice and some sweet onion along with garden carrots from my own garden. A stalk of celery and as the day went on and the soup simmered I had made dumplings which I had eaten several bowls of myself.


Fresh rolls were brought to the table along with a pound of Old McDonnell's butter and slowly but surely the guys started to stir and the clanking of spoons on the sides of bowls could be heard. Honey brought over a few pitchers of Hamms and set them on the table and some small talk broke out. The guys reminded me of times when we would go out searching for lost hunters and when we found them it just took a little while for them to get their bearings again. Lodge door open and several grouse hunters came in holding their free meal tickets. I went and helped Honey load up bowls and we left the guys at the round table alone, I am sure they will tell me about their trip now that they are back at Lake Iwanttobethere

No Stain

Posted by Bobby Bass on October 12, 2017 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

THE BEST LAID plans for work in the fall usually do just that, fall through. I had plans to stain the big deck here at the cabin today but woke up to a lite rain. But Sunshine Ray's long range forecast says we will get some dry and warmer weather the beginning of next week so I have not yet abandoned the idea of getting some stain down. Someday I will actually stain my decks in the middle of summer like most people here at the lake do, but I can think of other things I would rather be doing with my time. Of course having time on my hands it does not go to waste. This afternoon I found my brass tack hammer laying outside on the work table by the wood shop. I don't know how it found its way out there nor do I know who used it and then left it there. So I had some time on my hands and before you know it I started cleaning the old tack hammer up.


I got some sandpaper out and brushed up the brass till it shinned again then went to work on the oak handle. I am thinking the hammer is around thirty-five years old and as I sanded and cleaned the years fell off. I don't remember for what job I bought the hammer but I have always made a policy of picking up a tool or two for every job. After awhile you rarely have to buy any tools because you have everything. The next policy is lock them up and don't borrow anything to anybody, nothing worse then having a job to do and you have to go find your tools to do the job. With the tack hammer all cleaned up I put some tape over the brass and got out the can of oak wiping stain. After a few passes with a cloth dipped in the wiping stain I set the hammer on a shelf to dry. Put the sandpaper and stain back where they belonged and made a mental check off in my mind for thirty minutes well spent.


I used to give my father in law some grief when I would see him wiping down tools or sharpening saw blades by hand. As I get older I now see where that time was well spent. Of course my hands are throbbing a little as I type now, having the neuropathy in my hands makes that kind of work painful but at least I can still feel my hands so that is a good thing. As I worked on the tack hammer I thought back to a few jobs where I used the little hammer. I am sure it fell under the right tool for the right job need. Most of my hammering has been done with a twenty ounce framing hammer, driving tacks with a framing hammer is over kill and I am also sure that a finger or two got in the way using a framing hammer, I am guessing that is why I have this old brass hammer.


Got a stew simmering away in the crock pot and bread rising waiting to get just the right height to go in the oven. Hockey game on tonight and I am going to stay home and eat stew with fresh hot bread a few minutes out of the oven. Slowly but surely I am catching up on summer projects or adding them to next summers to do list. Moving slow around here but I am still moving around. Been a busy week with the guys out west but they should be back on Saturday the last I heard. Fishing just did not happen for me this summer but my leg is healing nicely and I should be able to get into the Puddle Humper next season. Big deal this year was the open wound and I could not get it wet. Going to be a big deal when it heals completely and I can take a shower and swimming in the lake will be the next big thing to look forward to. I am thinking I am winning Duncan back to me. the past few weeks he has been coming in the middle of the night to sleep with me for an hour or so and often I find him curled up close to me by the desk or in the living room. His paw resting on my foot just making contact with me. He has this new thing that when he is in the den he will walk pass the gun cabinet and he stops. He will bump the cabinet with his nose and then look back at me. I think he is trying to encourage me to take him out on the trails here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Wrong State

Posted by Bobby Bass on October 10, 2017 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (0)

A CHILLY TWENTY-NINE in the Puddle Humper this morning on Hidden Bay. Am glad that we pulled pepper and tomatoe plants and put them in the greenhouse yesterday. I talked to Vic at the Resort today and he told me it got down to eighteen last night. He had a fire going in the potbelly stove and it was needed. He also told me that he talked to Reed the Realtor and they ran into a few problems pheasant hunting. First off on the drive out to the Dakotas Reed was driving the RV and went back to make himself a sambitch and left the RV in auto pilot, I did not know the RV had an auto pilot. Anyway the RV came to a fork on the interstate and took the road to South Dakota. No one saw the signs welcoming them to South Dakota and it was not for several hours of looking for some good place to park and a tavern that they realized they were off by a state.


They were just going to stay and hunt there till they found out the season does not open for another two weeks. Next day they made there way to North Dakota but lost a day of hunting. Did not make much of a difference as hunting has been poor and no one in the group could hit a bird if they tried. Seems no one had done any practicing and just about everyone had forgotten to bring their glasses. Tiny's dogs Gyspy and Rose just sit in the truck and watch, Reed says they are not even going to get out till someone shoots something. Everything is costing them more then they remember to. Paying twice the price for a soda and everyone is sleeping in the RV as you can forget about finding a motel room. Looks like their trip will be cut short and they should be back at the Lodge by Friday.


Weekend here went well, lots of apples sold and pies and jugs of cider. Mike came and picked up his van and station wagon with all the glass blown out. Seems the secret to blowing the glass out with the corn cob cannon is to use frozen corn cobs! Sold out of the Pasties which surprised me. Called Amy's to order more but she told me we have a standing order already. My display case of candy took a big hit also. Lot of kids came up to the Lodge when they found out we were stocked again. All twenty boxes of shotgun shells were awarded, had a three way tie of five grouse each for single guys with their dogs then one guy hunting by himself scored four birds on Sunday afternoon. Sunday was a very good bird day as well and I heard the crappies were biting off Rootbeer Island, no one really missed football.


Lodge stayed busy last night, good beer sales with the football game on the big screen and the home team winning. Looking over the books we are doing really well with the beer sales and the pizza oven, thinking we may look at giving employees another raise and maybe increasing the HIYA discount from ten to fifteen percent for Lodge members. Got work to do around the cabin, stained the H/C ramp and Thursday is going to be the warm day of the week and I hope to get the big deck stained. Lodge deck needs a coat of stain but Skinny and Hammering Hank won't be back from hunting. We still need a lot of nice fall days here at Lake Iwanttobethere


Posted by Bobby Bass on October 8, 2017 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (0)

SUN IS SHINING here at the Lodge this early afternoon. Been a busy past few days as the guys all left for North Dakota Friday morning and we have not heard anything from them so far. Now this could mean one of three things. They are to busy busting roosters to call or they have not seen a thing and don't want to call or more likely they are sleeping in after finding a tavern were they closed the place under the premise they were or are working the locals to find a place to shoot. No sooner did they leave on Friday then Paul dumped two big loads of crushed limestone in the parking lot. Just so happen that Frank the grader driver was going by and he came in and leveled the piles off for us, funny how that just happen to work out.


Tiny dropped the corn cob cannon off and I should have been listening more as he was giving instructions to his son Tie and his girlfriend Tammy who are going to be running it. With his dad gone Tie thought they would do a couple of test shots but had some problems. Seems Tie was not listening too hard either. To make a long story short the barrel was jammed or they were not suppose to put more then one cob in the barrel and maybe they should not have so much air pressure that the needle pegged in the red. The pound of butter rammed down the barrel for lube might have been a good idea if that was done first. As it was the butter melted because the barrel started vibrating, most likely from the heat and when the gun did fire it did not shoot out the cobs but instead shot out a stream of popcorn! it looked more like a snow cannon. Who would have thought that all the seagulls on this end of the lake like hot buttered popcorn.


Well the gulls cleaned up the lot and all returned too normal just as Mike from the junkyard dropped off a soccer mom's van and a old grocery getting station wagon. Plenty of glass there to break over the weekend. Lodge was pretty busy for a Friday night, had a local college hockey game on and the home team won. That and there were more then expected grouse hunters came to register for our challenge, I was surprised till I saw how much the boxes of shotgun shells that will be given away cost. Saturday morning we got a lite rain shower which was good for the dust on the parking lot but not enough to bother anyone down at the landing. By mid morning there were a lot of cars parked and people carrying over priced bags of apples and pies and sipping on cups of hot cider.


Some football on the big screen in the Lodge followed by more hockey but this time the home team lost. Before Gus left he told me they had several cases of Pasties in the freezer that Amy's Bakery was now making for the Lodge. I didn't think to much about them till I started to get asked if they were ready yet. I asked Vinnie and he said he forgot and he put fifty of them in the pizza oven. Hour later they were all gone and I had one to, Vinnie put in another thirty and when the grouse hunters came in the pasties were all sold out. Fourteen grouse were exchanged for meal tickets and I expect to see at least that many or more today. Sixty-four in the boat and this is really turning into a fine fall day here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Busy Weekend

Posted by Bobby Bass on October 4, 2017 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (0)

GOING TO BE a busy weekend coming up. The guys will be packing up and heading out to North Dakota on their pheasant hunting trip on Friday. They will be taking Reed's Bio-Diesel RV and also a couple of pickups. While they are gone the Lodge will be busy as I have forgotten to mention what is coming up as I have been trying to get you caught up. Apple Festival will be going on down at the park below the Lodge along with Pumpkin Days. Your chance to eat or buy just about anything that can be made with apples and pumpkins. The Woman's Auxiliary pretty much runs this event and they will be down there in their tents and booths. Up here in the Lodge parking lot we will be having the corn cannon. Mike from the junkyard will bring in a few trucks and for a price you will get to take a chance at shooting out the windows with a corn cob. The cannon was a prototype of the pizza cannon that Del's Pizza and Sub Shop uses to skip meals across the lake.


With no real football to watch on Sunday we will also be having a Grouse Challenge this weekend. Hunters can check in Friday night and then register grouse that they shoot on Saturday and then again on Sunday. Hunter with the most birds will win. Have three divisions. Hunter with dog, Hunter without dog and two hunters together. Big Earl has donated a case of shotgun shells for prizes. If your wining total is four grouse you win four boxes of shells, Shells are awarded till they are gone and will be twelve gage but Big Earl will exchange them for you if you shoot a twenty.


Another twist if you donate the grouse to the Lodge I will give you a dinner ticket good for a meal the following Saturday. I will make a big pot of grouse, wild rice and dumplings served with fresh rolls from the Lodge kitchen. Might even be some pumpkin or apple pie there for you to. Guys should be back from North Dakota so there may also be some pheasants to share also. Also this week we are going to have the Lodge's parking lot graded. A lot of low spots have appeared with all of the rain that has fallen. Last I heard Stormy Clearweather was reporting we are eight inches above average for rainfall. It could also be that I took the hint and spotted the floating rubber yellow ducks in some of the potholes and the two live mallards swimming in the ditch.


For me baseball season ended last night with the one game playoff loss. Just in time I think as this weekend the big city college hockey team starts their season and I am looking forward to it. A few more weekend fishing contests to be held and before you know it deer season will be here. Another summer zipped by me and the Puddle Humper only got wet when it rained. Sun is shinning and no rain in the forecast, lots to do. Heading out for a Drs. appointment this afternoon then doing some shopping for project materials. As you can see there is always something to do here at Lake Iwanttobethere

A pile of leaves

Posted by Bobby Bass on October 1, 2017 at 9:50 PM Comments comments (0)

SILENT SUNDAY AND I spent most of the day at the Lodge. Came in for lunch and to watch the football game. Home team lost, let the opposing team hang around and ended up paying for it. Lot of grouse hunters came and went as the day went on. Dogs laid in front of the fireplace drying off and getting a snooze in. Sunshine Ray had forecasted some afternoon showers but he missed the morning rain that came through. Today is a special day for me because it is three years ago that I had to lay my Bud to rest. I am kind of surprised at how many Lodge members patted me on the back and shared a story or two of Bud and Barney. They would then ask where Duncan was and I would point at the rug next to the beer cooler behind the bar. They would chuckle at the sight of the sleeping dog and I would poke the brown dog with my toe making sure he was not getting too comfortable.


Had the little shrimp basket with home fries and a couple of small ears of corn, was just enough to hit the spot so to speak After awhile I retreated to my office cleaning house and tossing old pink phone messages. Gus has removed all the dry goods he had stacked in there and I can now see all of my pictures on the walls, including the one of Bud where his eyes always seem to follow me no matter where I am in the room. The North Dakota pheasant trip looks like it has been green lighted. Season opens next week and the guys are making plans. Weather here is suppose to be wet the front half of the week then dry up and be warmer, we will see.


A few boat trailers behind pickup trucks are parked down at the public landing below the Lodge. Softball field is quiet but there is a pick up game of basketball going on at the court. Even a couple of people playing tennis but they have so many layers on I can't tell who they are. The other day the county brought in several loads of orange barrels and cones. Hammering Hank and Skinny have then all tucked away behind a orange snow fence. Picnic tables are all stacked on top of each other and only a few fire rings are left out. Sun peaked out for awhile and a couple of the guys went out and shot some skeet. I went from one side of the Lodge to the other so I could watch. Was thinking I should shoot a round or two myself, been awhile since I had sent any shot down the old double barrel.


As I watched darkness arrive slowly but surely, this time of year it has a way of doing that. Boats came off the water and trailers were backed into the waters of Lake Iwanttobethere. Prime stump shooting time with sun going down. Many a stump or patch of leafs are taken for a grouse in the middle of a trail. Of course by the time you convince yourself that it is just a stump or a brown pile of leaves and don't shoot is the time it flies away as you walk up on it, been there done that. By six I was ready to head back to the cabin and the wife came and picked me up. While I was at the Lodge her and the daughter had taken out the two a/c units and started pulling screens and washing windows. I sat down at the desk and took out the Honey Do List, I marked off screens and A/C units to storage, not a bad day here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Just Terrible

Posted by Bobby Bass on September 29, 2017 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Received some just terrible news last night about a family pet of one of my wife’s nephews. The sixteen year old was helping his grandmother clean the garage at his uncles cabin and came across a M-80 he showed it to his grandmother who told him to put it back where he found it and leave it alone. He ignored her and took it behind the garage, he lit it and tossed it out into the yard. He totally forgot that the family lab was with him and she ran after the M-80 thinking they were playing fetch like they have done a thousand times before. She picked it up in her mouth and went to turn and come back when the M-80 exploded taking her lower jaw with it.


She was quickly gathered up and they tried to stop the bleeding but she passed before they could get her to the vet. The vet told her she passed because of the massive blood loss and shock.


So many bad things happen here, I have heard of freak accidents that pets have been loss to but this is a first for me. Cleo was just at my house this last weekend and I gave her a good double handed head rub and a bone, never thought that would be the last I would see of her.


I mention this as a reminder to all of us who have pets that no matter how smart they may be we still need to be aware of where they are and what they are doing. As owners we need to keep them out of harms way. The nephew now has a terrible memory that will last him a long time, what a terrible way to lose a friend


Nor Dakota

Posted by Bobby Bass on September 28, 2017 at 3:20 PM Comments comments (0)

HOW QUICKLY A week goes by! Been busy all this week and it is hard to remember what I have been doing. Of course I am still healing and will be for months and people tell me I should just be happy with that but I am not. Winter is coming and the way the weather has been we could have 68 in the Puddle Humper like it is right now and 28 tomorrow and never recover till Spring. Have been harvesting the garden and it might be the worse garden I think I have ever had. Does not look like any canning is going to be done and I think we will be lucky to get enough apples for maybe a half a dozen pies. I blame the weather and the wife for the poor showing and those thieving chipmunks in the garden and Ed and Eddie the squirrels who have been raiding my apple tree.




Yesterday after my appointment in the big city I had the wife just drop me off at the Lodge, told her I would hitch a ride back to the cabin. I sat down at the big round table along with Big Earl, Skinny, Reed the Realtor, Chuck and several of the FELLOWS and the Johnson brothers. The topic of conversation was on whether or not they were going to take their road trip to North Dakota to hunt pheasants. A few calls had been exchanged with family and friends out that way and the bird reports were pretty bad as far as the population went. Tiny asked me if I was going to go this year and I thought about it for a moment and told them that I think I would be to much of burden this year. Tiny smiled at me and said they were really just being polite asking me but they were really more interested in bring Duncan along. I then looked down at Duncan who Chuck had brought to the Lodge and he was sitting and wagging his tail so hard from side to side that he was wearing the wax off the floor. He had his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth and I could almost hear him saying "Can I go, Can I go" I patted him on top of his head and I said "Sorry guys you have your own dogs," and I don’t want him coming back smelling like Reeds bio-diesel RV




Gus came out with a platter of ham and Swiss sandwiches which were tonight’s special. Old McDonnell and brought pigs into Ma and Pa’s for Pa to butcher and smoke some hams. Here at the Lodge we try and serve as much locally grown food and harvested meat as we can. Table was quiet for awhile as we ate the ham on some of Amy’s Bakery hoagie buns. One by one we started talking about the hunt and if we did not go what we may be missing out on. I can remember many a time when I would be sitting at the kitchen table staring in the direction of the Puddle Humper and have the wife say " Your not thinking about going fishing are you?" and most of the time I was not but as soon as she told me I could not go fishing then I had the urge to go and I most times I did pretty good.


Same with bird hunting, threating rain or falling snow I always shot more birds walking down a wet muddy trail then sitting in an easy chair in the living room. Guys then took turns trying to out spin each other on when their better halfs told them they could not go fishing or hunting because of the weather or a report there was nothing biting or flushing. By the end of the evening they were back making plans for North Dakota and the Lodge might a little quiet for awhile here at Lake Iwanttobethere



Posted by Bobby Bass on September 26, 2017 at 1:20 AM Comments comments (0)

FALL ARRIVED ON Friday, it kind of just snuck in overnight I think. On the calendar it said Autumn begins September 22nd which just happened to be my 771 monthly birthday. No I noticed it because this vine that grows on the big garden fence went from green to a lite orange over night. The wife hates the vine and no matter how many times she cuts it or tears at it it just comes back the next year bigger and stronger, I don't think the fact that I go out of my way to fertilizer it has anything to do with it. The Tenners were here Friday night, we made popcorn and watched a movie and they stayed up way later then their parents thought they would or should. Come Saturday morning another sign of spring as they went with the granddaughter's Tenners ma to Old McDonnell's farm to be one of the first groups to go through the corn maze.


They came back to the cabin with some sweet corn and a couple of small pumpkins that they had decorated. With some time to kill they pulled up and cleaned the concrete forms around the expanded sidewalk and with one hauling shovelful's of dirt they back filled around the sidewalk then swept it all clean. Sipping on a soda's they admired their work and I mentioned that I was thinking of putting in a concrete pad for a new fire ring. The grandson told his cousin to not volunteer for moving dirt rather go for pouring the concrete, I smiled as I listen in on his words of wisdom. Grandson mowed part of the yard before his uncle came and they all left for the stock car races. I would have gone but them wood benches are too hard on my behind.


I decided to have dinner at the Lodge and I hitched a ride with my neighbor Chuck. Baseball game was on so I watched some of that and chatted with some of the Lodge members. Nytelyter was there and we spent some time together catching up. He told me he had been at my son in laws place helping him out with a stubborn stump. Not only does Nytelyter put on the best fireworks display in the county he also blows things up and usually with better results then the FELLOWS do. I now understand what the four old granddaughter was talking about when she called me about a big KaBoom at her house. Nytelyter smiled and nodded his head seems he got the attention of several people that afternoon. Now I will have to ask the son in law why he didn't invite me out to the house.


Sunday I watched the football game at the Resort, about twenty degrees warmer there then at the cabin but even just in the last week more leaves are changing color. Even a little float line of leaves in the water of the bay just off shore. A lot of ducks around to, I don't know if they are all locals or just passing through. Few flights of geese were spotted overhead and Vic says the deer are starting to move in come dusk checking out his garden. Had a tasty egg salad on a Kasier roll with a garden salad with all the fixings from Vic's garden at half-time. After the game I helped out with making a big pot of red sauce that Vic canned. I need to do the same at home but am still waiting on tomatoes to ripen. Rained off and on all weekend and it is threating to do the same today. No deck staining so I am just spending time with Duncan and adding more stuff to the Honey Do List here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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BEEN TWO WEEKS since I have been home and things are somewhat returning too normal. With football and grouse season here the waters of Lake Iwanttobethere are somewhat quiet. Don’t forget guys are trying to get in their last rounds of golf in and it is a hard decision on what to do when you have a nice afternoon on your hands. When I came back we had like ten days of summer then some rain. Yesterday I took a chance and got one of my big projects out of the way. Youngest daughter and son came over and I put them to work. They dug out along the old sidewalk to the garage and expanded the sidewalk from twenty-four inches to forty inches wide by thirty feet long, need the extra width for the wheelchair when the snow starts falling. About fifteen hundred pounds of concrete was ran through the mixer. I just played foremen and cut stakes and forms to size. It pays to teach them young and they remembered it all so I mostly watched. I then just had to sweat it out as a big thunder storm came through this morning and dumped on us but the sidewalk was set and it still looks good.




Sunshine Ray is forecasting rain for the next several days so the next project of staining decks and the ramp is going to have to wait. On the bad part my tiller that was thirty years old died. As soon as I told the son he could have the motor which is not that old he called his nephew telling him they have an engine for another go-cart. I have a home nurse and PT coming in on Mondays and Fridays and Wound Care in the big city on Wednesdays. Gives me two days and the weekends to have time to myself, at least for the next seven weeks. Don’t think I will be getting any golfing in and I still have some hope for fishing and I will hold on to that till the ice makes it hard to put a boat in the water. Now grouse hunting is another matter, I can always wait for the guys to come to me. Seems we have several birds at the Resort and the only reason why Vic just shot that one is because he didn’t have any more shells. When I left on Sunday I took the box of 8’s I had in the glove box and left them there for him.




Close to the lake here the trees are full of green leaves but as you get farther away there is some color and with the strong winds and rain the black top now has leaves plastered on it. Pickup trucks are parked along tote roads and hunters with either their human or dog partners set out to search for grouse and hunts to make memories. It looks like we might have a decent fall, Lake Iwanttobethere is keeping the frost away and finally after a rotten growing season tomatoes are ripening and even the corn that is small but still tasty is coming to the table. Orange hats sit on top of heads and them spendy orange wool shirts are seen around town. You don’t just have to wear them during deer season or under your duck rain coats.


I must admit I really miss fishing this time of the year. Being the only trailer at the landing and having no one fishing in my spots. The bite is usually pretty good and I am not cold till I put the Puddle Humper on the trailer and secure it. No skeeters or biting black flies at the landing and I will slide on to the heated front seat and feel the warmth on my backside, that is when I realize that I am cold. I open the little cooler and eat a cold bologna sandwich as I munch on a big dill pickle. I leave the soda and instead pour myself some warm coca, check my lights in the mirror put the Tahoe in gear and point it in the direction of home. A baseball game on the radio plays and if I am lucky I chase a sunset from one hill to the next here at Lake Iwanttobethere



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