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Half time snack

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IT TOOK ME awhile to get to the Resort on Saturday. We were halfway there and Chuck was driving my Tahoe when steam starting rolling out from under the hood. We pulled over and parked at a tote road right behind a white pickup truck. I was guessing someone was hunting the road it being the opener of Grouse season. We had to let the motor cool off before we could see what the problem was and I was hoping it was just low on fluid as I am sure the wife has never thought about checking it. Chuck and I sat in the truck and killed the time away just chatting. It cooled down enough that we could look it over and found a little pin hole right where the clamp went. Trusty pocketknife came out and we cut the hose back some and pushed it higher on the radiator and put the clamp back on. I had a gallon of water that I always have in the Tahoe and we dumped that in. A hunter came out of the tote road and we exchanged Hiya's. He told me he had a jug of antifreeze and I was welcomed to it. I gave him ten bucks and a business card and told him to stop of at the Lodge sometime and I will buy him a beer, I then told him about one of my favorite grouse roads just a little ways away, we shook hands and soon both of us were back on the road. Nice to run into people like that when you break down.


Supper Saturday night was fresh Kasier rolls that Marv had just baked that morning. They were filled with egg salad made with the Resorts chickens eggs and onion and lettuce from Vic's garden. Even did some French Fries using russet potatoes also from the garden. We sat up late and we traded stories. When bedtime came I looked at the stairs and wondered how I was going to get up them. Hammering Hank came to my rescue and told me they had moved my room downstairs and his wife Tess had made curtains for me. I got into bed and thought to myself that I have some really good friends. A few minutes later Duncan came in and jumped up on the bed and we were both soon asleep.


Bacon and eggs for breakfast and more chit chat before the football game started at noon. Right at half time Vic came into the TV room and asked if he could borrow Duncan, I said "Of course" then Vic asked me what do I say when I see a grouse and want Duncan to know. I told him I just shout out "BIRD, BIRD, BIRD" next thing I see is Vic with a shotgun and Duncan on his heels as they sneak out the side door heading for the garden. I look out the window at the garden and there in the strawberry patch I see a grouse. As I watch Vic sneaking up I looked back at the grouse and see him stretching up as tall as he can get trying to see Gus. I tap on the window and the bird looks in my direction. I hear the shotgun go off and the bird roll over on the ground with wings flapping and Vic yelling "BIRD, BIRD, BIRD" Duncan on the run sees the down bird and makes a beeline to the garden only to put on the brakes and crouch, his tail straight out and he is taking slow little baby steps and I know what is about to happen. Before I can get Vic's attention another grouse rockets up out of the garden and heads for the woods. Five seconds later another follows the same flight plan. Duncan not hearing any shots goes for the down grouse, picks it up and heads back.


I hear the door open and Duncan walks in with the grouse in his mouth and Gus right behind him. Gus says "Your dog won't give me my bird" I smile and say "The key words, your dog" I put my hand out and Duncan gives me the warm bird, I hold it up for Gus to take. He heads for the kitchen and I tell Gus "You better give Duncan a reward. Duncan comes back a little while later licking his lips and I can smell peanut butter on him.

The second half of the football game begins and we are all back in the TV room. Gus comes in with a platter covered in crackers and cheese and some rainbow trout rolled in flour and fried in butter that he got in a trade with Arlo. Along side the trout was thinly sliced grouse breast pan fried like the trout. I don't think many people around were having this kind of a football snack. I know almost every story I have written has a mention of food, but if you ate some of the institutional food that I have been eating the last few months you can see how much I appreciate the fresh grown garden stuff, fish and today's grouse. Can't think of a better place to eat well and heal then here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Band Camp

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LATE START HERE this morning as my neighbor Chuck had to go to town to pick up a replacement float for his sump pump. My bag is packed so I figured I would kill some time and jot down a few lines. Chuck drove me to the Lodge last night and we parked in my space, I was surprised I still had a space. Duncan led the way and Chuck rolled me up the ramp and into the Lodge. I now know why when the tourists come in they say the Lodge has a real earthly smell to it. Not being in the Lodge for several months I to can smell the old log walls, a hint of the lake and beer. I rolled in and got a mess of Hiya's from members. Shook some hands then went looking for Diego. I found him in his cage over by the jukebox. I got close and said "Hello" He looked down at me from his perch and then at a small picture hanging in his cage. Looking back at me he said "Hello Mr. Fish" I chuckled and thought to myself some one has had some time on their hands training Diego.


I rolled back to the bar as Duncan made his rounds, it to has been awhile since he to has been in the Lodge. I think he got a bigger welcome then I did. Gus came out from the kitchen wiping his hands off on his apron. He patted me on the back, shook my hand and gave me a nod of his head. Between friends that pretty much said it all, He then went back to his kitchen. It might just me but guys can catch up on each other in a minute or two where the wife will spend an entire afternoon catching up with a girlfriend that she has not seen in a month. Maybe they have more exciting lives, I'll never know because I have never sat in on one of them afternoon sessions.


Vinnie wiped the dust off my rolling stool and I climbed up and took a spot behind the bar. I had a good view of the big screen TV and the ball game was just starting. Members came over and we chatted and caught up. Some of the older guys did not even know I was gone so I told them about being in the hospital and having to go to rehab. They then said they didn't know I had a drug problem. I shook my head and told them not that kind of a rehab. Finally I just gave up telling them where I had been and jokingly said I had been at "Band Camp" that clicked and they left me alone.


I watched the game and had a couple of slices of pizza, was too good to stop at one. Gus came out and asked if I wanted a bowl of chili ad I told him yes but in the smallest bowl he had. He returned with crackers and asked if something was wrong with the chili and I told him I hardly eat anything these days. He nodded his head and said he had put in a kiddy section in the menu but it is mostly ordered out of by the "Old guys" He walked away and I thought to myself "Am I an old guy now?"


Seventh inning stretch and I had a Coney and a short beer, I was full. Home team lost the game and the Lodge emptied. A caravan of pickups and SUV's left the parking lot and headed to cabins and homes around Lake Iwanttobethere. Chuck finished his game of cribbage with Vinnie and we woke Duncan up and headed home. I dozed some it had been a long day and I am still on the mend. Wife got me into bed and I was asleep as soon as I closed my eyes. Not much better medicine then being at my two homes, the cabin and the Lodge here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Tis the night before opener

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60 IN THE BOAT on this cloudy and windy day on Hidden Bay. 80% change of rain Sunshine Ray had predicted and we didn't get a drop till a thunderstorm came through at 2 am. But in a telephone call to Vic at the Resort he told me it has been raining hard all night and it is still coming down now. Standing water around the cabins and main building and there were a couple of ducks swimming down the entrance road. He told me it was raining so hard they are worried it is going to wear the roofing off one of the old outhouses, I think he was just kidding.


DOC Burriem's old nurse now does home care and she was just here to see me. I will get a visit from her twice a week and she spends more time telling me stories about DOC then working on me, but she worked for him for years and I am all ears to find out more about the old doc. Daughter made stew for supper last night and I didn't say it out loud when the wife was around but the daughters stew is better then hers. She used small carrots and baby potatoes and onions that were very tasty, and all from the garden. Best part is I still had some of my T-bone steak left over on the bone and she put that in the pot. I got a couple of pieces of the T-bone in my bowl and that might just be the best way to eat left over steak. Some home made rolls and apple pie from Amy's and it was one very satisfying meal.


Plan on going up to the Resort tomorrow morning but my neighbor Chuck, Duncan and me are going to go to the Lodge tonight. Will spend some time shaking hands with Lodge members and I plan on eating a slice of pizza, a bowl of chili and a Coney, something I have not eaten in months. I will not do it all at one time but spread them out over the night. Friday nights always have a pretty good Lodge member turn out and with the big screen Gus has told me a lot of guys stop by to watch the baseball games. I also need to see how Diego the parrot is doing. He was to much for the wife to handle so he and his cage are now at the Lodge. Members get a kick out of his foul mouth I am told so he is kind of earning his keep down there.

With tomorrow the opening of grouse season I am sure there will be a few guys talking about the opener. Around the lake the trees are really green but the French trees are starting to turn yellow and some of the others are getting some color away from the lake. Right now as I write this the wind is blowing hard enough to shake tree tops from side to side and the wind chimes are banging together pretty hard. I don't think I am going to see the humming birds at the feeders tonight and maybe they have decided summer for them is over and are heading south. Got some wave action on the bay and even the dock is wet from the splashing. The old wood boat never saw water this summer and is sill in the wood shop waiting a few coats of paint. I have so many other things to do that might have to wait till spring. Duncan just came in the room and he is sitting by the gun cabinet. He takes turns looking at me and then the gun cabinet then back at me. There is no way he can know bird season starts tomorrow here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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SUMMER IS HERE or at least the illusion of it. It was already 82 in the boat when I left to head to the big city for the first of two DR appointments for the day. I was in and out and had a few hours to kill till the next appointment so we did a little shopping, well the wife did. I sat in the Tahoe and lit up my second cigar in two days but I have not had one in five months so I figured I was good. Last nights supper was pretty good, T-bone on the grill, three hour cooked baked potatoes stuffed with butter and fresh garden onions and fresh corn on the cob. I didn't finish my steak but plan on slicing it up thin and putting it on a toasted hoagie bun with cheese for supper tonight. I'll set myself up in front of the living room TV and watch the baseball game and pretend it is the middle of July


Had plans to do some concrete work but it looks like Sunshine Ray's forecast of rain is going to hold up. That's OK as there are plenty of other things that can be done. Was going to head up to the Resort for a couple of days but I have physical therapy coming over tomorrow and a home nurse on Friday. Looks like my only get away time will be on the weekend. We did stop in town on the way back home and parked outside of the General Store. Big Earl gave me a wave and headed inside only to return with a box of number 8's in his hand. Asked me if I had gotten my small game license and I told him no. Gave him my drivers license and back in the store he went returning with my license and a receipt. Wrote him a check and we were good to go. Now where else but Lake Iwanttobethere can you get that kind of curb service?


Next stop was Amy's bakery for hoagie buns and an apple pie, she to brought it right out to the Tahoe but would not take my money. I made her promise to put it on my tab and thanked her. We then drove home with my nose twitching at the smell coming from the white box holding the pie. I opened the lid and was just reaching into scoop some pie and the wife gave me a look and told me I can wait till supper. I let out a sigh and closed the box back up. Got home and sat on the deck, Duncan came out got his rub behind his ears and then took off on his inspection of the yard. A few minutes later he came back up on the deck and he had something in his mouth I called him over, put out my hand and he dropped an egg into it. I called the wife out and gave her the egg, she didn't make a deal out of it. Seems Chuck's free range chickens are not always laying eggs in the coop.


Well I thought that was the end of it, Duncan gets the mail and now gets eggs for us. The wife came back out and asked if I wanted cupcakes or a cake to bring up to the guys at the Resort, I picked cupcakes. She went back into the cabin and came back out with an egg cartoon. She yelled for Duncan who came racing over from Elmer's and sat down at her feet. The wife held out the cartoon and raised two fingers up for Duncan to see and said "Two more eggs" Duncan took the cartoon in his mouth and headed back towards Elmer's. A few minutes later he came back with two brown eggs in the cartoon and setting the cartoon down at the back door he jumped up to ring the door bell. The wife came out and he traded the eggs for a bone. Now I am wondering how many other new tricks Duncan has learned since I have been gone from Lake Iwanttobethere

In the Shade

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ANOTHER NICE DAY to be fishing not sitting and watching others troll by in their pontoon boats. Spent some time this afternoon watching my neighbor Chuck doing some roofing on his front porch. I found myself a nice shady spot to sit and sip on some lemonade as he pounded nails into shingles and complained about the last guy who shingled the place, if I remember correctly it was him. He probably would have gotten it done quicker if it was not for me making suggestions. He came off the roof for lunch, his wife had made us egg salad sandwiches and you can't beat the taste of fresh eggs harvested that morning. Lettuce and onion from the garden and some cucumbers cut up and a few strawberries made it a nice light lunch.


Now I didn't spend the entire afternoon over there I had work to do to. The ups guy showed up with a couple of packages for me. My lap top died on me and I did some troubleshooting and took a gamble that my charger had died. Plugged in a new one that I had bought and I looked pretty smart as that was the answer to the problem. Next box was a new printer as that died to while I was gone. I think it was just a software problem but the daughter took it in her own hands and smashed it on the driveway. I didn't give her a hard time about it because I did the same thing a few years ago. It is very satisfying to bust something up that wastes a lot of our time. New printer is up and running. Last but not least before I went into the hospital five months ago I bought a new CPU only to forget the password to get into it. My son in law who is a I T tech was over yesterday with a program that let him hack in and delete the password and now I have it back.


So today was a pretty good day. I have potatoes baking in the oven and the wife is down at Ma and Pa's picking up some steaks for the grill. A couple of small ears of corn were harvested from the garden and along with a Hamms I am looking forward to tonight's dinner. 80 in the boat and skeeters are no where to be see, it is a good time of the year to spend time on the deck. Talked to Vic at the Resort and him and Marv are still on the crappies. Told me to make sure I bring up a rod but the latest forecast is calling for rain, gee what a surprise. A little rain I can handle, have a lot to catch up on. The FELLOWS have been working off their lot rent and I hear they have done a fine job dropping trees and straitening out the main entrance road. They have a couple of Rangers that go faster and can haul more then the old golf carts we have.


Wood pile is pretty big as all that stuff that was blown down last summer has been cut split and stacked. Bait room has some bare pegboard where things from the spring order have all sold out. Getting to be that time to think about doing an ice fishing order. People have discovered we have live bait and we are getting a decent amount of traffic tying up at the docks and doing lunch and then when they leave buying bait. Arlo has been doing real well fishing for trout as with all the rain this summer the pools are staying full and cool. He did take both of the Tenners trout fishing and he said they enjoyed themselves. I will have ask them about it as they did not mention it to me. Of course he might have sworn them to secrecy like all fishermen do. Well time to light up a homemade cigar and watch the daughter work the grill here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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HIYA FROM THE deck here on Hidden Bay. Have been spending a lot of time here as I can't get enough fresh air and the smell of cut grass and of course Lake Iwanttobethere. The Tenners were both here on Saturday and they did a lot in just a few hours. Fallen branches were gathered and the fire pit was burning most of the afternoon. Grass was cut and all the tall grass along the out buildings was chopped up with the weed wacker. A couple of suckers were swimming under big red and white bobbers and everyone kept an eye on them but we had no hits. Play house got a good cleaning and they even swept out the garage. Lunch was hot dogs cooked on sticks over the hot coals from the firepit and we even tossed some corn wrapped in tin foil on to the coals. Managed to get them out before they burned and it might have been the best fire pit corn that I have had.


Did an inspection of the yard and the big apple tree is looking a little bare, Wife told me that a few squirrels have been working it over pretty good. The pellet rifle is now with in easy reach at the deck door and I will take care of that problem. No sign of that little skunk that got Duncan, hoping it was just passing through and not living around here. So much to do around here but the Tenners said they are happy to help me out, Good kids are hard to come by but these guys are my favorites for reason.


Since I am back home I have been getting a lot of visitors stopping by, The coffee pot gets drained a few times a day and the wife has been bakin away so there is something to go along with the coffee. I of course have to do some taste testing or as I refer to call it "Quality Control" FELLOWS came by and left me fish, it was walleye but I can't be too picky. After a month of hospital and nursing home food the wife's cooking, well I have no complaints. I just need to add fish and stuff from the garden along with some apple pie and some grouse here in the next few weeks. Looks like a week of warm weather coming up all I can say about that is it sure would be nice to be fishing.


Onions have been harvested and I wanted to till up that bed and plant radish but I can't find any. Even called Big Earl and he said he had none. He is having a big shotgun shell sale going on before grouse season. Told him I will be in town this week but if I remember right I don't think I even went though a box last year. Sunshine Ray is forecasting rain later in the week right about when I was planning on widening the sidewalk out to the garage. Now I am thinking I will go up to the Resort for a coupe of days and spend time with Vic, DOC Burriem, Elmer and Marv. I think there are a couple of cold Hamms up there with my name on them.


Tonight I am going to have a taste of some steak and watch some football. Been going slow as I am still on the mend and from past experience it does not take to much work to make it to much work. I will say it is great being back home and being able to take in deep lake air breaths. See geese flying and crows cawing. Ten o'clock train, didn't realize I missed that horn and clanging bell. Of course Duncan sleeping with his head on my lap and the watchful eye of the wife. Sharing with you guys what is going on here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Do List

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69 HERE IN THE boat sitting on the trailer here on Hidden Bay. Does not look good that the boat is going to get wet this season which makes it two years in a row that I have not fished out of the Puddle Humper. I came back home yesterday evening and today I will be working on the To Do List. It might take me all day just to write it out as everywhere I look something needs to be done. The summer list will be added to the fall list and then there will be a list of things that need to be replaced or fixed. The grand kids known as the Tenners are back in school but will be here this weekend to start helping me out. Of course it will not be all work as I have to catch up on their summer.




The granddaughter went to the rodeo last Sunday and she was down close in good seats and has already starting telling me about calf roping. She has a couple of fishing vacations under her belt this summer as she would send me pictures of how she out fished her dad. Makes grandpa proud. Grandson played baseball, his first year and he had fun. He did come up and did the mowing when he was not trying to catch the eye of a gal that worked the concussion stand at the ball park. The daughter has her hands full with three granddaughters under four. They bought a house not to far away and even though it was a turn key place they have been working on it all summer. They put in a big pool and the volunteer fire department filled it for them. 4000 gals of water and it took a week for it to get anywhere close to warm enough to swim in.




Even though I missed all of summer I guess I did not miss much. Cold and wet and the gardens did not do well at all. Even under the green thumb of Vic at the Resort his garden was nothing to brag about. The FELLOWS for the most part stayed out of trouble, at least I did not read about them in the town paper. Lots of rain and just a few days where anyone even thought about turning on their air conditioners. The one bright spot is that a lot of grouse have been seen this summer. If I can figure out a way to go bird hunting I might be able to salvage part of my outdoor year. Duncan was happy to see me and last night he came in several times to check on me. I tried to coax him into bed with me but like a night watchman he went on his way making the rounds of the cabin.




Duncan had a good summer keeping rabbits out of the yard I am told but he did have a little miscue last Saturday when he found himself with his nose up the wrong end of a baby skunk. Before the daughter could call him off he took a shot right in the eyes and got a bath both from the skunk and from the daughter. He is now wearing a new collar and the old one is hanging on the fence post to remind him to stay away from the little ones to.


Spent this afternoon on the deck with my neighbor Chuck as we worked on ideas to get me fishing without getting the FELLOWS involved. Chuck is thinking that somehow we can use the tractor and drive it into the lake with me on the bucket. I am thinking we should explore other ideas. Maybe even the pontoon but it would just not be the same as fishing out of the Puddle Humper but I need to get on the water somehow. I did check out the garden and I will give it a c- if we could just get some dry hot weather we might be able to salvage enough produce so we can do some canning. The only thing that grew well was peppers, we have a ton so a lot of chili will be made this winter here at Lake Iwanttobethere



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Hiya, well like a patch of weeds that keep growing up in a crack in your sidewalk I am back! A week in the hospital and then another three weeks in rehab over a stomach virus that messed up my blood chemistry. I am back at the cabin after missing pretty much the entire summer. Sunshine Ray is forecasting three nice days in the seventies here and I have a ton of stuff to catch up on. First off was a quick few lines to let you all now I am back and will be catching you up on the doings here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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76 HERE IN THE boat when I left to go up to the Resort this morning. Has been ten days since I got back home but I have been sick to my stomach for six of them. I talked to a nursing aid who I became friends with and she told me there was a stomach issue making the rounds in the nursing home. The nursing home kind of forgot to tell me about it. After we left the farmers market we drove in to town and made a stop at Ma and Pa's Grocery. No sooner had the wife gone through the front door and the bell stopped making that jingling sound then it started up again as Pa came out to the truck. He had a big onion in one hand and a white package in the other. He shuffled around to my door with a smile on his face and reached into the truck to hand me a porterhouse steak, I know this because it was written on the tape "Bobby's porterhouse steak" we chatted for a few minutes and I promised to come down to the shop and visit. The door jingled and the wife came out with Ma right behind her. I got a kiss on the cheek and then Ma and Pa went back into the shop.


The wife started the truck but then there was a thump on the roof of the truck and the passenger's door was opened from the outside. I turned to see Amy who reached in to give me a big hug and whispered something private in my ear. A big kiss on the lips and she pushed me back to arm's length and told me I look like hell but welcome back! she then pulled a white pie box off the roof of the Tahoe and put it on my lap. I know this is a pie because it said "Bobby's apple pie." She turned and walked back to her bakery and I closed the door and brushed flour off my shirt. I watched her walk away and the wife said something about Amy wearing Daisy Dukes at her age. I mumbled something about it being hot in a bakery and it is summer. Amy got to her door and gave me a wink and a wave, she knew I was watching the whole way.


We drove over the Mystery River on the way home, the river was up with all the rain that has been falling this summer. As we went over the bridge I looked down and saw a bunch of tubers floating down stream. a cooler with its own inner tube not too far out of reach. It looked very inviting but it will be quite awhile before I can get in the water. The infection left me with a hole in my calf the size of my hand and I have to go to open wound care in the big city twice a week for several more months. Another problem to over come before I can go fishing. Got home and I did not feel like having any supper, the corn and watermelon had filled me up. Instead I did sit on the deck and watched the sunset.


Today I went to the Resort, my neighbor Chuck took me up, told me he had a surprise and to grab a fishing rod. We got to the Resort and all the FELLOWS were there and they had this idea. They rolled my wheelchair with me in it on to a custom pallet that they had put a roof on and sides. The idea was they were going to pick me up with the crane and swing me out over the reed bank. Lower me down so I was just above the water and using the two way radio headsets I could direct Tiny who was operating the crane to where I wanted to fish on the reed bed. Sounded like a plan to me so I gave him the thumbs up signal and he hit the up lever a little hard and launched me up a little too quick. My stomach did not agree and I emptied it over the side. Surprising how all the FELLOWS have such weak stomachs. With some fine tuning I think we might get this idea of the FELLOWS to work here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Ride Home

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HIYA, IT HAS been awhile since I have written. I have been back a few days after spending over 90 days in the hospital and nursing home. The wife brought me home last Thursday and we took our time. Been quite awhile since I have rode any distance in the Tahoe and the wind in my face coming through the open window was welcomed. Just off the main road from the big city where you turn towards Lake Iwanttobethere is an area where in the winter Christmas trees are sold. In the summer watermelon and corn and other farmer market items find their way here as they ripen. Before I could say anything the wife hit the blinker and turned in to park in front of the corn stand, my lips were already smacking together.


I don't have my legs under me yet so the wife helped me get out and using the walker I made my way over to the picnic table and sat down in the shade of a big brown tarp that was attached to the stand. An older gent wearing a white tee shirt and bibs with a John Deere cap got up from a stool and waited on the wife. He had a radio on and I could hear it from the picnic table, it sounded like the afternoon farm report from Lake Iwanttobethere's very own KCUM radio station. The wife held up two fingers and he took two ears of the grill and pulled down the husks. With a brush dipped in melted butter he coated the corn and pulled the husk back up. He then put them on a couple of paper plates and exchanged napkins for dollar bills. The wife brought the corn to the picnic table just as a station wagon pulled up to the stand and a husband and wife and four kids bailed out and ran up to the stand.


I pulled the husk off and reached for the salt shaker on the table, the wife shot me a look and I just said "It is just one ear of corn" she nodded her OK and I lightly added some salt on top of the melting, dripping butter. I sat the shaker down and the wife picked it up and said to me "It is just one ear of corn" with my mouth watering I held the ear with my left hand by the husk and I used my right hand to balancing it. I started on the husk side and nibbled away at a row working left to right doing my imitation of a typewriter. I didn't realize I had my eyes closed as I nibbled, I was to busy tasting the melted butter and corn as it ran down my chin into my beard. I paused and chewed and tried to remember the last time I had something this tasty. I set myself up for the second pass and looked across the table at the wife, she was eating her corn by staying in the same place and just rotating the corn.


Halfway done with my ear I set it down and cleaned my face and hands some. I told the wife you just have to love that early sweet corn from Iowa. She asked me how did I know that and I told her I know my corn. I finished my corn and was thinking of getting another, the wife gave me hers and told me to finish it, she then got up and walked away. I didn't know where she had gone till she came back with two slices of chilled watermelon, this day can't get much better I thought. Now as much as I enjoy corn the wife demolished her slice of watermelon. The two of us sat licking fingers and watched the station wagon family go back for seconds on the corn.


The wife got up and headed to the corn stand, I gave her a look and she said " I think I'll get a couple of ears for home, I nodded my approval and watched as she picked out six ears from the pickup truck parked behind the stand. Some conversation and money was exchanged and the wife came back to the table. "Your right, it is Iowa corn, how did ya know?" I just smiled and pointed at the trucks license plate. Good to be back here at Lake Iwanttobethere

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