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You may live in Gods country, but his cabin is at Lake Iwanttobethere



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A BALMY NINE above zero here today with some snow flurries but no sunshine. My son in law called me and said he just had to work a half day and if I wanted to set up the shanty. A look at the warm weather and I told him to pick me up. We stopped at the Lodge to pick up our participation package for the Ice House Fling. We won or I should say the shanty won ten cans of grubs and a dozen minnows a week from the Masterbaiters Bait Shop. Five loose meat sandwiches from Amy's Bakery and ten thermos refills of coffee or cocoa from the Dew Drop Inn. While we were there at the Lodge we put our contact number on the lake map. The Ice Shanty Town has a few rules one being you have to put contact numbers on a map showing where your shanty is out on the ice and if the lights are on or smoke is coming out the chimney you have to have your cell or CB on so you can be checked up on.


When we got there we saw trucks on the ice so we drove right up to the shanty and parked. Some crackling ice but it looked good. Matt helped me inside and someone had already augured out four holes through the ice and I headed to the poles and soon had four rods rigged and was drowning minnows. I gave Matt directions on hooking up the solar panel outside and wiring it to the big battery we had brought. While he did that I took out a bag of dryer lint which makes the best dang fire starter you will see and put it in the little wood stove. Some kindling on top and I pulled a cigar from my pocket, clipped the end then got two wood matches from the box of wood matches on the shelf. I lit the matches, lit the cigar and tossed the wood matches on the dryer lint and Poof we had fire. Added a couple of bigger pieces of wood and I closed the door.


Matt now raised the short CB antenna up through the roof and we called the cabin, the wife answered and we are good to go. Most guys on the ice don't use an antenna because we are so close but the wife likes to keep track of me. Matt came in and asked while I only had three rods out and I turned to tell him I had set up four, looking at the holes and dang I got took. We looked down the empty hole and the missing rod was no where to be seen. Rigged another rod and we were soon fishing. Matt hooked up the fan and lights as dark settled in on us. We found the hockey game on the radio and ate some stew that we heated on top of the wood stove. No real fish to talk about. Did catch six small crappie that were about the size of puzzle of big crappie. Home team won and we discounted the big battery and brought that home. Locked the door and we will come back again when it warms up here at Lake Iwanttobethere.

Smallies aganist the Walleye

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32 HERE IN THEboat at Hidden Bay here at Lake Iwanttobethere. We did have a snow event here on Monday as we received some rabbit tracking snow overnight at the Resort. Maybe an inch at the Lodge and a whopping twelve inches at my daughters new house on the other side of Mystery River. Son in law had to get his new snow thrower out so he could get out of the garage. This morning Sunshine Ray is calling for snow changing to ice then to rain, should be a mess by noon. I had to come into the big city yesterday for treatment as I will be for the next six weeks every Thursday. I left the brown dog with the wife and every day she called to tell me WHAT my dog had done. I keep telling her that Duncan is hers as he follows her around 24/7 and she does not believe me. When we first got Duncan the old dogs were around and I spent a lot of time with them because they deserved it. When they past on I then spent time with Duncan but it was too late as he had already started to bond with her. Not unusual as I have found out over the years that male dogs tend to bond to females and females to males. Unless you spend a lot of time with them or as in the wife case she would sneak Duncan table food, You can’t compete against food.






Duncan will spend time with me if she is away from the cabin but even then he will have one eye on the door waiting for her return. Of course the last year I have not been driving so we do miss our outings which might have helped some with him bonding with me. He does enjoy his time at the Lodge though. I did come into town with Vic, it was time for his spring hair cut and looking in the mirror I did need one also. Vic drove and it took us awhile to get into town but I was in no hurry and he is a better driver then my wife so all was well. We arrived at Burt’s and Bart’s Barbershop and walked into a heated argument about fishing, just what I needed. The shop was divided on walleye and smallmouth fishing at Lake Iwanttobethere. Slowly but surely the lake is turning into a smallmouth fishery The walleye guys were complaining that there are so many smallies that you can’t get your bait down to the walleyes without the smallies snatching it.





I sat back and listen as I am a largemouth kind of guy and I have my spots where neither the walleye or the smallmouth have yet invaded. In my spots the pike have returned and in recent years I have enjoyed catching pike who get bigger every year and love hitting my topwater baits. The secret spots I pretty much only share with my neighbor Chuck who two years ago caught a forty inch pike and the mere mention of it puts a smile on his face. Fish County is in a spot where we are just in the upper Largemouth area but the Smallmouth are now moving South and overlapping giving us the best of both worlds. Walleye are everywhere if you are a walleye fishermen. Pike, big pike have to be looked for as there numbers are down but if you know where to go there are still some big ones to be caught. One thing about Lake Iwanttobethere is we do have some of everything but you have to put in the time, that is why they call it fishing not catching.






My youngest daughter caught her personal best out of the back of the Puddle Humper then two days later caught a new personal best largemouth. The last year that I got to fish I had four people who fished with me increase there personal best bass fishing out of the back of the boat, they just happen to be on the right part of Lake Iwanttobethere at the right time and I got to play guide. I have their pictures on my den wall with their fish and I smile every time I look at the pictures of them, I was happy to be there. My goal this season is to get out fishing and get the Tenners to get some pictures on the wall.



So I got a haircut and a beard trim, looking in the mirror I did need it. We stopped over at Amy’s Bakery for a big slice of apple pie and took a slow ride back to the Resort and a well needed nap. I did get the Bait Room organized, in my head. Now I just need our tackle order to come in so I can put it together on the walls. I took one of the small Styrofoam coolers and filled it with tackle as a present for my grandson when I got back to the cabin, I added a mess of stuff from my own tackle boxes. There will be more than enough stuff to fill his empty tackle box for his 132 nd month birthday on Saturday. I will do the same for my fishing granddaughter, they will get a lot of fishing stuff when I pass so why make them wait I figure. On another note I had to dig out my old keyboard out as I could not get use to the new keyboard that I had upgraded to. Guess we still need to stay old school in some things here at Lake Iwanttobethere.


Fishng Story

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41 IN THE BOAT HERE ON HIDDEN BAY today. Plenty of sunshine and water is running on the ground. Busy week this past week and I just did not get around to writing anything. The week was almost perfect till last night. I was feeling so good that I tossed everyone out of the kitchen and cooked up some BBQ ribs, baked potatoes split open and stuffed with butter and sweet onion. My rolls were just about done and I rolled over in the wheelchair to the plate cabinet, I set the brakes and stood up to get plates out. I set the plates down on the counter and made a mistake, I did not reach back to see where my wheelchair was but just instead sat down where it should have been. Did a "Get Smart" and "Missed it by that much" sat down hard on my behind, somehow pushed the wheelchair back and bounced my head off the floor into something sharp under the wheelchair and cut my forehead.


I am on blood thinner so any kind of cut is a bad cut. I laid on my back for a couple of minutes figuring someone had to have heard me fall, no such luck. Duncan came in and saw me and then did his Lassie impression and went and got the wife who asked me of course a stupid question which was "What did you do?" Thinking more about supper then me I told her to take the rolls out of the oven. She yelled for the daughter to help me get up off the floor which was the only bright spot as I got up pretty easy. Just a good scrape, no need to see the DOC. The wife took everything out of the oven not just the rolls so the potatoes were just warm. BBQ was almost cold and the rolls had burned on the bottom as they had sat on the hot cookie sheet.


So there are days when I write a lot and I toss them in my spare file, the following story is something I wrote but just never got around to posting, I call it "A Fishing Story"


One of them nice August days, warm out and a lite rain falling at sundown. The fishing granddaughter was spending the weekend and we sat on the swing, swinging of course and watching the water come out of the rain gutter to run down the sidewalk. "Papa, are we going to go fishing tomorrow?" "I told her of course but we have to get some bait." Right away she turned to me and said "With all this rain there should be worms" I nodded my head in agreement and we continued to swing, waiting for darkness. Our roles have changed, I hold the can and now she bends down and picks the worms. We had a great night as worms were every where and she is getting better at pulling them out of their holes.


Her grandmother had projects for her during the morning but by late afternoon she was mine. She came down to the dock and I helped her into the old wood row boat. "We are not going to fish out of the Puddle Humper?" She asked. I climbed in and pushed away from the dock with an oar that could use a couple of coats of paint. I told her to put her life vest on as I put mine on. She looked around and said "We have to go back" "I asked why" and she said because you forgot your rods and there is no graph. I slipped the oar into the lock and wiggled down on the bench seat and gave my first test pull on the oars. I smiled at her and said, "Honey this is your fishing night out." She gave me a big smile and pointed ahead at the little point behind uncle Chuck's cabin. I nodded approval as that is where I was heading.


She showed me her setup, a number six hook with one split shot about six inches up. Three feet above that she had a one inch red and white float. She threaded a big fat crawler out of the coffee can on to the hook. Looked back to make sure she would not hit me with her cast she sailed the rig out into the calm waters of Lake Iwanttobethere. It landed with a plop and she mended her extra line and then we waited. "Teach me" I said and so she did. "If the bobber bounces with little rings it is most likely a thieving Perch stealing chucks of the crawler. If the bobber goes down but pops backup, then it is a thieving Gill. If the bobber starts making two foot runs and stops then we have a pretty Bass. If the bobber just disappears then we have a fish and it is time to set the hook hard enough to cross his eyes. O and if the bobber just disappears and you set the hook and nothing comes back it is one of them snot rocket northerns." I smiled my approval.


Some bumps then the bobber went down, she set the hook and missed. She reeled in and started digging in her pink tackle box. Hook was changed to a number four and bobber bigger to an inch and a half. A couple of casts later she had adjusted her depth and she started landing gills. I was busy being the bait boy. She did that for awhile and then the bite slowed. She said "Let's move, you pick the spot." "How about the big reed point." "Will we have time?" She asked I looked at the lowering sun and nodded yes. I turned the bow of the boat toward a big reed bank that points West. Putting my back into I rowed while she drank a soda and ate cheetoes. I had this all planned, there are some big fish to be caught off the reed point and she was all done getting her "Practice" in.


Ten minutes later and we were drifting off the point. I was looking forward to a soda and so I told her to rig up with a 1/0 hook and a two inch bobber. Her first cast was on it's way as I open my soda. I never got a chance to take a sip as the bobber hit the water and went straight down. I was thinking a bad bobber till she yelled out "I got a big one Papa" Next two minutes got kind of busy as you would think she had Jaws on the line. She got a nice bass along side and I reached over and pulled it out of the water for her. Big smile on her face and I think I had one to. I weighed it, three pounds one ounce, Took some pictures and she released it. I then heard the blow by blow story of the fight. I told her "We are not done yet, we still have fishing time."


In the next half hour we didn't get a bite, the bobber didn't even bounce and we moved a few times. I told her we should get going, she could tie on a daredevil and we would troll back. She put on a daredevil but forgot to put on a leader, I didn't say anything and she tossed it back behind the boat. I think I had rowed about twenty yards when she yelled out "FISH ON" I lifted the oars and sure enough she had a bend in her pole and she was putting her back into it. "What is it" I asked and through clenched teeth she said "I don't know but if I catch it, it is going on the wall!" I chuckled away as this is a common saying at the cabin. I watched with interest as her drag started to sing, the sweetest music as far as I am concern. I lowered the oars and started heading in the fish's direction telling her to start reeling.

Five minutes later and we were halfway down the reed point but not gaining any water on the big fish. Sun was getting lower in the sky and the granddaughter had a great look of determination on her face. I guess now we were really fighting Jaws. She turned to say something to me and it was done just like that. Her pole popped up and her line went limp. She might have sworn about then but I will not get her in trouble with her ma. She sat in the boat with her shoulders down and I got up to pat her on the back and tell her I was sorry it got away. Then she made me proud. She looked at me and said "I lost a fish, But what a great story about you and me and the ten, no twenty pounder That got away here at Lake Iwanttobethere."


I was reminded of this story when I heard the granddaughter telling her cousin about the twenty pounder she lost with Papa, fish go away but stories are always here to stay as long as someone tells them, Bobby

Change of Plans

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CHANGE OF PLANS yesterday as I was going to take the Puddle Humper down to the car wash in town. By the time I got around to it the bass thermometer on the wall had climbed up to sixty-seven and there was not a breath of wind so I had a change of plans, I went fishing. One of those spur of the moment's decisions as I still had the boat loaded and a full tank of gas in the Tahoe and what the heck it was a nice day. I grabbed the brown bag lunch from the fridge and checked in the Tahoe to see that I still had a couple cans of soda and some Ding Dongs that the granddaughter had not eaten and I was on the road.





For some reason I decided to head north, normally I would head south as the days grow shorter that is where the water should be warmer. I had a cigar going and the window rolled down, the lake I had in mind is out of the way even for up here. I came off the black top with another ten miles of dirt road to drive on and the first thing I noticed was just about all the leaves are down. As I drove I was thinking I might have to come back up this way with the brown dog. Arrived at the lake and there was just a tad of wind and it was still in the upper sixties. Launched the Puddle Humper and turned on the graph, forty-eight degrees it said the water was, I would have liked it to be a little warmer.




Reeds are all dead and the shoreline is brown, no leaves on the trees but the evergreens were a deep rich green. I could hear the sound of logging going on somewhere over on the West side of the lake. Was not to long after that I saw an eighteen wheeler going down the road with a load of wood. This lake is small, less then two hundred acres and I have been fishing it for years. Was a real good bass lake but then the northern took over and now it is slowly coming back as a bass lake again. Goes to show you how old I am getting as I can remember the changes. I slowly work a shoreline tossing a big spinner bait with a five inch grub on it, looking for big fish not little ones. My first goal is to not get skunked but I have a few others. I was thinking I have been fishing this little hidden lake for more then thrifty years. Two of the guys I used to fish it a lot have past away so when I fish this little lake I think of them still sitting in the back.


I come around a little point and a half dozen geese get up, They are none too happy they did not hear me coming and they take to wing their honking echoing in the small lake making it sound like there are more of them then what there is. I grab the camera but they fly away from me not giving me a shot. I have been fishing just long enough to raise a doubt if I am going to get skunked when I set the hook. A bass hits the spinner bait like a freight train hitting a hay wagon at a road crossing. Not much doubt I have this one as I work the fish to the boat and lift her over the side. Her big eyes watch me as I weigh her and make her pose for a picture before sliding her back into the water. Nineteen and three quarter inches she was and I write it down in my little red fishing book. Doc and Jerry my fishing buddies would have been jealous that I am still catching fish on our little Lake Iwanttobethere







Last Trip?

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RAIN IS ON its way here at Lake Iwanttobethere this morning, already a few drops have fallen. I know this as I was just outside putting the Puddle Humper battery on the charger. A pretty nice day to go fishing yesterday and seeing how it is the middle of October it might actually have been considered and excellent day except for the wind. But when the temperature is eight-four out a little wind is actually welcomed. Today the red needle is stuck on fifty-five, a big change from yesterday. Rain in the forecast and strong winds with gusts up to forty. If there are any leaves that are ready to let loose they will be coming down today. Already my deck has curled yellow leaves on it and when I was out hooking up the battery charger I put the small tarp on the Puddle Humper to keep some of the leaves off. Not ready yet to put the boat away as I see there is still a chance for a couple more sixty degree days and if it is sunny and not to much wind I may get the boat wet yet again.


I did get two out of three truck's oil changes in and I would have gotten all three if the wife had not taken the Jeep to town. She was running low on sugar and if I want apple pies.. Well I didn't say anything as she drove off, a good excuse not to crawl under the Jeep. Fishing was pretty good yesterday. My youngest daughter went and I like it when she goes as I don't get my feet wet. I have written before how she does all the work for me and as I was watching her load the Puddle Humper on the trailer last night I made the comment I should have taught her how to do this when she was ten. Three bass were caught along with nine northerns Even before we started fishing we had modest goals for the day. Not getting skunked was number one on the list but just being able to go fishing in tee shirt and shorts made the day before we even started. The shoreline around the lake was in full fall color and the daughter took pictures as we worked the dying reeds.


The daughter did lose a nice bass at the boat. She was fishing a Hula Popper and fought the fish right to the boat before it came undone. She had a few comments that I can't print here but let us say she was really into fishing at that moment. She has caught two twenty inch bass this year and this one she lost was not that big but pretty close. I did not make to many comments about her lost fish, I will save them for the middle of winter. I on the other hand landed my three bass and I was just about able to close out the night with another one. I had a decent bite and a good pull by a bass that came all the way to the boat only to open his mouth and let go off the five inch grub he had in his mouth before I could reach down and lip him. The daughter said nothing and I looked at her and the missing fish and we both laughed. I already know that she will be yanking my chain come the middle of winter about the fish I lost.


With the sun getting low we or I should say she, loaded the boat on the trailer and we headed home but not till we stopped at a Dairy Queen. The daughter bought me a cone and we sat in the parking lot and watched other trucks hauling boats drive thorough with the same idea we had. A nice way to end the day and maybe the fishing season here at Lake Iwanttobethere

More Tatters

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DUNCAN WAS STANDING on a chair looking out the kitchen window and I could hear him whining. I had it penciled in that I was going to go fishing yesterday and when noon came it was a go for launch. Sun was shinning in an almost cloudless sky and the jumping bass thermometer hanging on the cabin wall was nudging seventy. Duncan wanted to go with but he always does. With the brown bag lunch in the cooler I was rolling down the driveway with the Puddle Humper in tow. I had the driver's window rolled down and a cigar burning in my right hand as I watched the digital temperature meter on the Tahoe's rear view mirror tick downward. This was not good as I had gone from seventy to sixty-five in just a few miles.


I was headed to a small lake a few microwave towers away from the cabin. A pretty good little bass lake and not a lot of northerns. I was looking to catch a few fish for the pan and this usually is a good place to go to. As I drove I thought about fishing and was trying to think why I had not visited this little lake this summer. Then I saw traffic backed up ahead of me and I remembered why, road work. Six miles of orange cones and a narrow path between them. The driver in the truck in front of me liked to tap his brakes all the time which of course made me do the same thing. I finally cleared the orange barrels and put the Tahoe in to cruise and got to look around me. Leaves are yellow out this way and a few red Maples are mixed in. Been a week since I was out this way and the cool nights and shorter days are working hard to make Fall look like it is really here.


A couple of turns and a few passed towers and I turned off the black top to a gravel road and it meander through yellow leaves to the public access. A car was parked there and two guys holding guns were watching me as I drove up. One of the guys spoke and said "A nice day for fishing" and I replied "A nice day for hunting" As I jockeyed the trailer around the two guys went across the road and took a trail that I know leads back to another lake. A nice long walk was ahead of them as I have hunted it before. I got out of the Tahoe and the first thing I noticed it was windy, I mean WINDY. Not right there at the landing as I was on the lee side of the lake but as I looked up I could see tree tops swaying and you could hear that rushing roaring sound of wind going through leaves. It felt cooler to as I launched the Puddle Humper and parked the Tahoe.


I didn't get too far away from shore before the wind caught me. Graph was telling me the water was sixty so that has gotten cooler then when I was last out. I put on a wind breaker over my heavy sweat shirt and started working the down reeds with a buzz bait. A couple of hits but no fish and I was on the move. I ran the boat over to the wind swept shoreline and putting the wind at my back I let it push me down the shore. The little lake always has had a good dock bite except I had a problem there as just about all the docks were sitting up on the shore. I switched over to a spinner bait and slow rolled it over the top of the dying weeds. I ducked into a little protected bay and ate a sandwich and planned my next move. The shore I wanted to fish was getting pounded by waves and I didn't really want to go there and fight that. I was thinking of calling it a day when a northern hit my spinner bait right at the boat and we had a brief tussle. The northern lost as I brought him over the side of the Puddle Humper and unhooked him. He went back into the water and I dried my cold wet hands with a towel.


At least I was not skunked I thought as I started the outboard with the idea of hitting some slack water behind an island that is on the way back to the landing. I pulled in behind the island out of the waves and tossed the spinner bait back out into the chop. Third turn of the handle and I had a fish on, a few seconds later the fish was in the live well and I am thinking with a lot of potatoes it could be big enough for a meal. A few minutes later a second fish was swimming alongside the first and now I don't need to peel so many potatoes. That was that, I headed to the landing and arrived at the same time as the guys hunting grouse arrived at their car. We exchanged HIYA's and I told them I caught two fish and they said they missed two birds. They said they should have gone fishing and I thought that the brown dog at home is thinking I should have gone hunting here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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THIS MORNING FINDS the red needle on the Bass thermometer hanging on the siding of the cabin resting at forty-seven degrees, almost balmy. That is when you compare it to the forty-nine degrees and North wind that I was fishing in last evening. I did go fishing yesterday afternoon as it was sunny out and not much wind when I started. I arrived at the lake to find a surprise at the landing. Someone must have gotten stuck and as I backed the trailer into the lake I didn't have to go in very far. The water is up, matter of fact it is the highest I have seen it in several years this late in the season. I put my knee boots on and went in to push the Puddle Humper off the trailer and stepped into a rut deep enough to cover the top off my boot. Having a wet leg was not how I wanted to start the day.


I was fishing in my Johnny Cash outfit as the wife calls it. I was all dressed in black as it is fall and I want to absorb as much heat from the sun as I can. Water was sixty-three degrees the same as the air temperature and I started down the shoreline tossing a buzz bait and waiting for a fish. It was over an hour before I had my first hit and I was beginning to wonder. I switched over to a spinnerbait and I was rewarded with a solid eighteen inch bass off a reed point. I stuck with the spinnerbait and started catching two and three pound northerns. Not what I was looking for but catching fish is always better then not catching fish.


I was not alone when I was fishing. I did not bring anyone to fish with me but I was being watched as I worked my way around the lake. A couple of ducks followed me for awhile and then they handed me off to red squirrel who kept pace with me as I went down a section of shoreline. A loon took over from there and watched me from a distance and I came up on where the eagle nest is and I was surprised no one was home. Another section of the lake has a lot of trees right down to the water's edge and it is quiet here. I could hear the tapping of a wood pecker making just enough noise to let his mate know he was hard at work. Another squirrel took over running the bank before handing me off to a couple of red winged black birds who were making a point of letting me know I was in their reed bed.

I hit a stretch of calm water and tossed a frog for awhile, no hits and I was a little surprised at that. Sun was getting a little lower and wind was coming up so I put on a black wind breaker. Now I had to deal with the sound of my arm making that whisking noise every time I turned the handle of my reel as it brushed against my chest. Couple of geese flew low overhead and honked at me. I think they were saying good-bye as they reached the shoreline and just kept flying. I hit one more reed bed that memory told me was good in the fall and I was rewarded with another eighteen inch fish. I put the scale to this one and it read three pound's four onces and I lowered it back it to the water and got splashed when I released it. Water felt a little colder as I grabbed a towel to wipe my glasses off and warm my hands some.


Little after six and I decided to call it a day, caught eleven fish and I was happy with that. With some daylight left I loaded the Puddle Humper on the trailer and avoided the ruts. Inside of the Tahoe was nice and warm as I had parked in the afternoon sunshine. I drove home with the radio on low keeping at eye out for deer at sunset. Good thing too as with the sun just about gone I came around a bend and a doe was standing in the left lane and her fawn was just getting ready to cross from the shoulder on the right. Doing fifty-five there was not much I could do but thread the needle between the two of them and in a split second they were both safe behind me. I said Woooo out loud, that was a close one here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Windy Sunday

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SO MY FISHERMEN'S ache must be because I threw a buzz bait all day the other day. This morning I got up and rotated my shoulder and it felt pretty good. I mean it cracked a little and creaked some but that is normal for an old man according to my wife. I tell her it is my first crack at being old so I don't know how it is suppose to feel. My hearing and smell are still good, eyesight well I still see what I want to see. I do tend to think twice before jumping off the back of the pickup, actually I think twice about how I can do things a little slower and safer. Yesterday I went fishing with the youngest daughter and I let her do just about everything, I played the "Getting old card" with her.


I had it penciled on the calendar that we were going to go fishing, I can go anytime but the daughter has to have a day off from work. There is a small bass lake about four microwave towers away from the cabin that has gin clear waters and the bite only seems to be good in the fall. I mentioned the lake and the daughter said she had the same lake in mind. We have not been there for three years so when we arrived we were disappointed to find the landing washed out. Not really a landing just a spot along the road where someone daring at one time backed up a trailer down a very steep hill and got into the water. The only way you launch from this spot is to carry a boat down to the water or have a four wheel drive. Even with the Tahoe I was not going to risk launching as the big hole in the side of the hill looked like a trailer axle breaker.


So we turned around and went to another lake, one thing we don't have is a lack of is lakes around Lake Iwanttobethere. All I had to do is back the trailer into the water and the daughter took care of the rest, except this time we had a little problem. I backed into the lake and the daughter went to push the Puddle Humper off the trailer and it moved a few feet and it stopped. I yelled out the truck window at her "You took the straps off, right?" She nodded her head and again tried to push the boat off. She yelled at me to pull back out and I did. I got out of the truck to find her hands on her hips looking at the back of the Puddle Humper. Normally when you see a woman with her hands on her hips staring at something something is or is going to be in trouble. I came around to the back of the boat to find the motor support still attached to the boat, the reason the boat stayed on the trailer.


With the support removed I backed in the water but not till I asked her if she put the plug in. We then went fishing, I did make a point to mentioned to her several times how I have never forgotten to take the support off the motor. Fishing was a little slow, it was very windy, I had to keep my head down because the wind was strong enough it would catch the bill of my hat and take it off my head. But it was warm out which makes a wind bearable to fish in. We caught a lot of northerns which on this lake there is an ample supply of and some bass also fell for our spinner baits. A couple of seventeen inchers came over the side and a couple more maybe a tad bigger I lost. Both of them came rocketing out of the water a couple of feet before doing a twisting dive back into the water with my lure now clear of their mouth. We were hoping for the wind to die at sundown but it didn't. We worked a shoreline back to the landing and suddenly the daughter starting catching fish. She was having fun till I reminded her that she had to put the boat back on the trailer.


With enough light to still see by we loaded the boat and secured the gear. Made the walk around picking off weeds and brought the cooler in the front seat with us. As we drove down the dirt trail we ate sandwiches and drank a pop, didn't have time to do that when we were fishing. Had to stop and wait for a deer to cross in front of us and then I watched as the daughter lit up a cigar for me and passed it over. I was thinking that our fishing trip was a lot like what we did when she was eight and started going on fishing trips alone with me, except for the lighting my cigar part, here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Fishermen"s Ache

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WOKE UP THIS morning to the sound of thunder, rain hitting the bedroom window and a loud groan. The loud groan I realized was coming from me. I sat up on the edge of the bed and listen to the rain fall, I think I remember hearing Sunshine Ray say we had a chance of rain so I should have known it was going to rain. I rolled my casting shoulder a little bit and felt some discomfort, that would explain the groan and now that I was moving around my hand was sore to. A fishermen ache which will go away the more I keep fishing.



So like most plans the plan did not go as planned. I went to the Lodge after the granddaughter's soccer game and I had completely forgotten all about the Town Hall meeting. I might point out here that pretty much the entire town had forgotten about the meeting. We are having a good summer here at Lake Iwanttobethere so there is not to much to complain about. I had already missed the reading of the last minutes and there was no real new business so the meeting was called and a few conversations broke out and that was that. By the time I got out the General Store was closed so I didn’t get my trailer jack so that did not get installed.



Yesterday it was iffy for awhile if I was going fishing, seems there was some work that needed to get done around the cabin and the wife pointed out it would be a nice day to do it. Not a breath of air moved the tree tops here and I made a command decision to go fishing. Now that I am fishing it does not take long to get ready to go fishing. I had already took the daughters fishing gear out of the boat along with the extra seat and life vest. I added a few more rods of my own and then went back inside the cabin to grab the ever present brown bag lunch from the fridge and added a couple of water bottles to the small cooler and put it in the Puddle Humper. I made one call as a courtesy to my neighbor Chuck and told him I was going fishing and asked if he wanted to come with. He told me he had worked to do and I gave him some ribbing about how it was going to be a great buzz bait day and told him where he could find me if he changed his mind.



A few minutes later I drove down the driveway and looked in the rearview mirror of the Tahoe to see the wife standing on the deck watching me and my dog Duncan sitting at her side, I don’t know which one had more of "The Look" on their face. Fishing was good, not outstanding but good. I don’t have any story to tell you about a big one caught or about a big one that got away. The biggest bass I caught was three pounds-six ounces and it came in the first hour that I was on the water. I took a selfie of myself and the fish and sent it to my neighbor Chuck who text me back a very short message, "&*^&%& You" it said and I took it as an approval. I spent five hours on the water and most of the time I was tossing a buzz bait trying to catch bass but the northerns kept getting in the way. By seven-thirty I was done, the light was failing and I had a lot of weeds to clean out of the boat before I could head home. Thursday I am thinking of going fishing, Going to see how the plastic worm fishing bite is, my arm needs a rest from the buzz bait rod here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Hard Stuff

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I LIKE FISHING with my youngest daughter, she does all the work for me. Yesterday afternoon as I was working around the cabin I was keeping an eye on the weather. Lake Iwanttobethere was calm and there was just a slight breeze stirring the water. You had to stare at the old wood rowboat tied up alongside the dock to see if it was moving at all. The daughter had the day off from work and she came out on the deck and looked at the sky and at the water and said just loudly enough for me to hear "A good day to go fishing" Well I don’t need to be asked twice and I said "Should be a buzz bait bite" we looked at each other and she nodded her head and just like that we were going fishing.





She headed into the cabin to pack a lunch and I headed to the Puddle Humper. I rigged up a couple of her rods with her requested lures. A big yellow buzz bait, a spinner bait and Hula Popper. I added her life vest and fifteen minutes later we were leaving the cabin behind us in the rearview mirror of the Tahoe. We both had the same idea as we headed to a small landing on a bay here at the lake. We arrived to find a couple of fishermen just pulling out of the lake. We waited our turn and with the daughter doing all the work all I had to do was back the trailer into the water and the daughter got the boat off the trailer and I parked the Tahoe.




Not ten minutes later and the first fish the daughter catches is a four pound-nine once bass on her yellow buzz bait. One ounce bigger than the fish she caught last trip out. All I could do is shake my head at her and smile. She held the fish up for a picture and had that little grin on her face. Now I had to spend the rest of the evening listening to her tell me how I should fish. I don’t have a problem with that. I just told her I was the guide and my job is to LET her catch the big fish.





We called it right on the buzz bait bite. The northerns were hungry and we stayed busy catching fish. Some bass also found their way over the side into the boat to be admired and released back to grow bigger. My biggest fish was just under four pounds which the daughter pointed out a few times was not as big as hers. Not all the fish were caught on the Buzz baits as we tossed spinner baits into the reeds and caught fish that way to. With the sun getting low I headed to a small point where I have caught fish before and the buzz bait kicked up a big fish that I fought all the way to the boat only to look down and see the bass open her mouth and my lure pop out. A nice fish well over four pounds and the daughter laughed as she saw it all. I tossed right back to the same spot grumbling loudly and turned the handle once before I was slammed by a second bass just as big. I lost that one to.



We moved on heading in the direction of the landing now with light failing. The daughter switched over to her hula popper and I was having a hard time trying to fish listening to her Hula Popper chugging in the calm water of twilight. In ten minutes she had five hits and caught three more bass. Stocky two pounders that fought hard and splashed water on us at the boat. She quickly brought them in and released them back into the water and a smile never left here face. We made it back to the landing with just enough light to get the Puddle Humper back on the trailer. She did all the work and I stayed dry and in the truck. I watched her load the boat and now I was smiling, Only a father can know how much fun it is to watch your kid catch fish here at Lake Iwanttobethere




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