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Mr. Fergenson

Posted by Bobby Bass on March 22, 2017 at 9:20 PM Comments comments (1)

32 HERE IN THE boat on Hidden Bay, some sunshine but it looks a lot warmer then it is. Back at the cabin after running a few errands in town. Had to go down to the Lake Iwanttobethere Bank where I slipped into Mr. Fergenson office, the bank president to approve some town transactions. I do this from time to time but never mention it but now that you know I am working in the background helping the town out I thought I would share a little of what is being done around here to keep looking good. Today I approved a pink paint job on the fish cleaning station down by the access and also one of the docks is in need of replanking so that to will get done before fishing season starts. A check was sent out to the street cleaning company and the flag on the pole in the center of town will be replaced.


A donation was made to the Ladies Auxiliary to pay for their rental and we talked about the request to resod the softball field in time for the church league season. The big check was for ten thousand walleye fingerlings to be hauled into the lake under the cover of darkness to keep them walleye guys happy. Another donation to the volunteer fire dept. And my favorite thing Mrs. Gleason to her surprise will find out that she won a contest at the bank which just happens to be enough to pay off her mortgage. Money was donated to the Lodge to pay for six membership and they will be drawn for in a contest that Gus will come up with, his job now as the manager.


A couple of new bike racks for around town, and a fresh coat of paint on the two parking spaces and a good cleaning of the meter where DOC Burriem still ties his car to when he is in town. An envelope with a couple of dollars to the Smith kid to keep helping out Ma and Pa after school with sweeping their sidewalk. An order confirming Diggers flowers for all the town's planters and a new planter out on the road leading the way to Lake Iwanttobethere and maybe touching up the sign. Next month I will have to look at the grass contract and there was talk that the boat landing needs to be dug out some. A few fire rings may have to be ordered for the park. I enjoy being the little birdy listening to what we need done around the town as I sit behind the bar wiping out mugs with my towel. Have been doing this for a long time and I enjoy spending bucks. Makes me happy to put a smile on someone's face. Now it is not all me the town does bring in money I just help Mr. Fergenson out when the town is a little short or I see where I can help the town out.


I have always backed the Lodge as a place where guys can go and put their feet up, not a place where people go to get money for stuff. My me donating we keep the fishing contests going. I do donate a lot to the school for things because I want our kids to enjoy being kids not having to learn how to be salesmen in the second grade trying to earn money for field trips. Of course there I have a price tag and that is they get at least one ice fishing trip and one summer trip. If they don't have rods Masterbaiters seems to find a check for them. Now this is not a total secret, of course Mr. Fergenson knows about me and the town along with Elmer and Big Earl and Vicki at the bait shop, they also help donate or at they get the town stuff at cost. There are a lot of people out there who love to donate and a kid's smile is all they want in return. I find that smile means a lot to me these days. My 765 birthday today, everyone now is kind of special and you might have figured it out, my birthday is the day I go see Mr. Fergenson here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Spring !

Posted by Bobby Bass on March 21, 2017 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (3)

36 HERE IN THE boat on Hidden Bay well after dark. First day of Spring and it was a busy one. Slept in late trying to catch up on my sleep then ended going outside to take in a cloudy yet warm fifty plus degree day. Been a long time since I could just sit out on the deck and take in some fresh air. The wife came out and it was so nice out that she could not just sit and do nothing but instead started to pick stuff up around the yard. No matter how well you clean things up in the fall things have a way of showing up come spring. I sat on the deck with a clipboard and a yellow legal pad and started jotting down things that needed to be done. My neighbor Chuck came over and pulled out a chair and we sat and chatted. After awhile the sun came out which was not in Sunshine Ray's forecast which made it even harder to go back inside the cabin.


Wife went inside and opening the window asked if we had any gas for the BBQ, we did and I told her so. A few minutes later she was back out with a couple of steaks and Chuck fired up the grill and invited himself for lunch. The smell of sizzling steaks was soon in the air and who comes wandering over but Elmer, with his own steak no less. We ate steak and moved our chairs around the table to stay in the sunlight. Of course conversation soon turned to fishing and plans for the summer. Before you know it most of the afternoon was gone. Elmer went back to his place and Chuck to his. I sat on the deck and the wife brought out a big heavy quilt and tossed it on my lap. I snuggled under it and dang if I didn't take my first spring nap.


Woke up to the sound of number two grand son on his new bike, I pretended be asleep but he knew I wasn't. He wanted to borrow the computer to do some school work so I followed him into the cabin. I was a little stiff as a spring nap is nothing like a middle of the summer nap. So much for the plans I had for the day, was going to make some cigars and do a little transplanting of seedlings, but they will still be there tomorrow. A few telephone calls later and it was supper time, where does a day go.


A birthday week here at the Lake as my neighbor Chuck, and Nytelyter will be having theirs in a few days and LegalMusky just had his big 780 month one. Special shout out to LegalMusky as he always seems to say something to me when my sprits are a little low. Matter of fact I have forgotten to mention that last weekend the Ladies Auxiliary had made a couple of birthday cakes for the guys. unfortunately they also ate most of the two cakes during their Saturday morning meeting. But I guess they had good thoughts and no one I know wanted to question them about the cakes.


If you guys swing by the Lodge I am good for a couple of beers on the house that is if I can find them drink tickets I had printed up. Weather to change to rain showers for the rest of the week. Should have figured that we were just going to get a tease of spring and not the real thing, at least not yet here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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27 HERE IN THEboat at Hidden Bay here at Lake Iwanttobethere. As I sit down to write today's jottings Sunshine Ray was just on KCUM radio with a forecasted high today of near fifty, I guess that is his way of hedging his forecast. A nice sunrise this morning and that is a sign of spring and I hope an everyday event of the upcoming summer. I have infusion therapy now every Thursday for the next eight weeks. Part of this is I will be receiving steroids which leaves me with insomnia for about four days afterwards so I am up all night and most of the day. It would be great if I could get a lot of work done but it does not work that way. Good thing there are a lot of fishing shows I can record and hockey games to watch in the dead of night.



Yesterday was the grandson's birthday and he got a tricked out bike from Wheels n Spokes. He rode it here to the cabin to show me. Getting a new bike when you are eleven is a lot like a grownup getting a new four wheeler or snowmobile. Made me think of my first fancy bike, a ten speed with skinny tires painted candy apple green, I had to special order the color and those extra few weeks felt like it was half the summer before I got it. Skinny tires were not the best for riding the dirt roads to the fishing hole with my buddies and lots of times I was last as they were still ridding their bikes with the knobby wheels and banana seats. But once we got up on the black top and I shifted through my ten gears they were far behind me and I would go so fast I would have to take my hat off so I would not lose it. I think I rode that bike into pieces in two summers but I still remember it fifty years later. I am thinking the grandson will have the same kind of memories with his new bike as we both looked it over.


We went inside and I gave him his cooler and he shook it like most kids do to their presents, right away he was guessing tackle mostly because that is what he had asked for. I did surprise him though as he took off the top and found out how much was inside. For a few moments there he forgot about his new bike and his eyes lit up with the color of fishing lures and sharp hooks. I got a big hug and a thank you and he told me he would be back later to fill his tackle box but he had to get back home before dark and with that he jumped on his new bike and headed home. I made it to the couch for a short nap and it was a good day for both of us.


Silently Sunday today and the cabin is quiet at this time. Will do a little watering on my garden plants that I have started, maybe some reading and will try to get some sleep in. Hockey game this afternoon that I will try and watch and maybe the Wild will reward me with a win, it has been awhile for them. Have to do my exercises working on my legs and maybe spend some time on the Lake Finder looking for that special new lake to fish this summer off the beaten path. Still looking at maybe finding a cabin to rent late this summer, my neighbor Chuck is still game for it and it just might be what the dr. order for me. I am hoping I will be well enough that it would be worth my wild to reward myself with some serious quiet fishing time just sitting in the Puddle Humper and drifting and fishing easy like.


I should roll up some cigars, easier to do with the light coming through the window so I can see what I am doing I also have to make a fishing tackle bag up for the grand daughter to, Her birthday is not till November but she should have a full tackle box for the summer to. Has been awhile since she has been over, everyone is sick over at her house and I can't be around sick people, my immune system is suppressed right now, kind of makes it hard to be around people so I spend a lot of time on the phone bothering people that way, good thing I don't have your number here at Lake Iwanttobethere.


Posted by Bobby Bass on March 18, 2017 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (3)

34 HERE IN THEboat at Hidden Bay here at Lake Iwanttobethere. Today is the grandson also know as one of the Tenners birthday. Even though he will be turning eleven he still wants to be know as a Tenner so I guess the name is going to stick to him and his female cousin. I have already been to the Lodge this morning as we had a Lodge meeting amongst employees. The Ladies Auxiliary of course meets in the small meeting room and their gathering tends to keep Lodge members away till after their gathering is over. This gives us a perfect time to conduct Lodge business. Now I am sure that some of you have figured out that over the years I have a certain amount of control of this place we call Lake Iwanttobethere. Truth be told I think this is the first time it has been mentioned that I actually own the town and it has been in my family for years.


The Lodge is one of the things I own and run with a light touch. Things are going to change a little here due to my illness and I am in the position to make some changes. This morning at our meeting the first such change was made. Since I will be unavailable for any work on Thursdays for the next several months I am once again stepping back. Gus will now be promoted to full time Lodge manager and as a reward Honey Sauce has been promoted from head waitress to assistant manager of the Lodge. Vinnie will now be promote to head server.


The town will continue to grow and in the months ahead we will focus on some of the businesses in town and of course introduce you to the owners and some of the summer residents that live on the lake. Also with summer coming we will be featuring several new Lodge members. We will also revisit Lodge members and keep you up to date on what is going on around town. Between the county fair and Fourth of July doings, weekend fishing contests and the upcoming garden season, camping outings and fishing trips there is a lot of places where the lake stories will take us this summer.


I would like the lake stories to continue after I am gone. I am hoping maybe the Tenners will pick up where I leave off and maybe we will take a look at what the town looks like in the eyes of some youngsters. Maybe a step back in our past or maybe it will be a step forward in our future. Duncan of course will be a story line as the brown dog is always doing something. Mother in law will make an appearance as she is getting older every day and is starting to slip a little. Death and birth is part of the lake as is my health and the old lady who we don't talk about a lot but I am going to as she bugs the heck out of me as much as my own wife does.


Grand kids and old dogs and son in laws and thunderstorms and mowing grass. Geese and northerns and lost bass and buzzing bees. Lemonade and swings on decks, birthdays and funerals and parades. Mooing cows and snorting pigs, sweet corn and BBQ's ripe tomatoes ate from the vine and home made cigars lit with wood matches. Fire pits and sparks climbing up in to pitch black night sky. Moon so bright you can read by. Quaking ducks and crash landing loons, frogs croaking and fireflies flying. Dragonflies like hueys coming in low. Those dang wasps and delicious ice cold watermelon. Clouds that look like lions floating across the sky. Crows cawing Grouse drumming. Deer in the garden, ripe strawberries being stolen by chipmunks and groundhogs digging. Flipping rocks looking for fishing bait, skipping rocks into the lake. Wading streams in summer heat. Soccer games and church beer ball games. Weddings and go carts races, hay rides. Bluegills cleaning your tangling toes off the dock, sucker fishing with borrowed suckers. Fish frys, root beer floats, apple pie. Shooting skeet and lazy naps.The best bologna sandwiches ever eaten on the banks of a creek. There will still be a lot to write about here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Smallies aganist the Walleye

Posted by Bobby Bass on March 17, 2017 at 9:10 AM Comments comments (0)

32 HERE IN THEboat at Hidden Bay here at Lake Iwanttobethere. We did have a snow event here on Monday as we received some rabbit tracking snow overnight at the Resort. Maybe an inch at the Lodge and a whopping twelve inches at my daughters new house on the other side of Mystery River. Son in law had to get his new snow thrower out so he could get out of the garage. This morning Sunshine Ray is calling for snow changing to ice then to rain, should be a mess by noon. I had to come into the big city yesterday for treatment as I will be for the next six weeks every Thursday. I left the brown dog with the wife and every day she called to tell me WHAT my dog had done. I keep telling her that Duncan is hers as he follows her around 24/7 and she does not believe me. When we first got Duncan the old dogs were around and I spent a lot of time with them because they deserved it. When they past on I then spent time with Duncan but it was too late as he had already started to bond with her. Not unusual as I have found out over the years that male dogs tend to bond to females and females to males. Unless you spend a lot of time with them or as in the wife case she would sneak Duncan table food, You can’t compete against food.






Duncan will spend time with me if she is away from the cabin but even then he will have one eye on the door waiting for her return. Of course the last year I have not been driving so we do miss our outings which might have helped some with him bonding with me. He does enjoy his time at the Lodge though. I did come into town with Vic, it was time for his spring hair cut and looking in the mirror I did need one also. Vic drove and it took us awhile to get into town but I was in no hurry and he is a better driver then my wife so all was well. We arrived at Burt’s and Bart’s Barbershop and walked into a heated argument about fishing, just what I needed. The shop was divided on walleye and smallmouth fishing at Lake Iwanttobethere. Slowly but surely the lake is turning into a smallmouth fishery The walleye guys were complaining that there are so many smallies that you can’t get your bait down to the walleyes without the smallies snatching it.





I sat back and listen as I am a largemouth kind of guy and I have my spots where neither the walleye or the smallmouth have yet invaded. In my spots the pike have returned and in recent years I have enjoyed catching pike who get bigger every year and love hitting my topwater baits. The secret spots I pretty much only share with my neighbor Chuck who two years ago caught a forty inch pike and the mere mention of it puts a smile on his face. Fish County is in a spot where we are just in the upper Largemouth area but the Smallmouth are now moving South and overlapping giving us the best of both worlds. Walleye are everywhere if you are a walleye fishermen. Pike, big pike have to be looked for as there numbers are down but if you know where to go there are still some big ones to be caught. One thing about Lake Iwanttobethere is we do have some of everything but you have to put in the time, that is why they call it fishing not catching.






My youngest daughter caught her personal best out of the back of the Puddle Humper then two days later caught a new personal best largemouth. The last year that I got to fish I had four people who fished with me increase there personal best bass fishing out of the back of the boat, they just happen to be on the right part of Lake Iwanttobethere at the right time and I got to play guide. I have their pictures on my den wall with their fish and I smile every time I look at the pictures of them, I was happy to be there. My goal this season is to get out fishing and get the Tenners to get some pictures on the wall.



So I got a haircut and a beard trim, looking in the mirror I did need it. We stopped over at Amy’s Bakery for a big slice of apple pie and took a slow ride back to the Resort and a well needed nap. I did get the Bait Room organized, in my head. Now I just need our tackle order to come in so I can put it together on the walls. I took one of the small Styrofoam coolers and filled it with tackle as a present for my grandson when I got back to the cabin, I added a mess of stuff from my own tackle boxes. There will be more than enough stuff to fill his empty tackle box for his 132 nd month birthday on Saturday. I will do the same for my fishing granddaughter, they will get a lot of fishing stuff when I pass so why make them wait I figure. On another note I had to dig out my old keyboard out as I could not get use to the new keyboard that I had upgraded to. Guess we still need to stay old school in some things here at Lake Iwanttobethere.


Silent Sunday

Posted by Bobby Bass on March 12, 2017 at 10:15 AM Comments comments (0)

12 IN THE BOAT HERE ON HIDDEN BAY as I sit down at the desk here early this morning. I woke up at four thirty and could not go back to sleep. Since I am doing infusion therapy on Thursday I have to follow up with some low dosages of steroids on Friday and Saturday. A side effect of the steroids is I don't sleep much and I have a sense that I can do a lot more then what I should be. The plus side is I get some things done on the Honey Do List but then pay for it later. I know it has been awhile since I have mentioned Silent Sundays but I do try and make them happen. With having a cell phone now people just text me instead of calling, I might just have to have a Silent Sunday with no cell phone.


Silent Sunday came at a good time as yesterday I was busy. Number one and number two grandsons were here for most of the day. The wife took number one and I took number two. The day was filled with hockey as we watched a Wild game I had recorded then a high school champship game. Some where in there we made a batch of chili in the big crock pot. Actually I watched as the male half of the Tenners assembled all the fixings. He has learned the secret recipe and he might have made it a little hot but it turned out all right. We did try something a little different as we did not put hamburger in it but instead we diced up a small beef roast and put that in instead.


Now I have found that anything you do is never straight forward, something needs to be done. In the case of the diced up beef I did not have a knife in the cabin that was sharp enough for the job. I went looking for my fish knife that is always sharp and I could not find it. So I sent the grandson to the shop and had him bring in the bench sander. We gathered all the knifes in the cabin and I put a edge on every single one. We now have sharp knifes once again. With chili cooking we set our sights on apples, we peeled a bag with a hint to the wife and the other grandson to make apple pie. Back to watching more high school hockey and flipping channels to catch the local college team complete a first round sweep and move on. Another northern high school team wins a championship and for at least the next year the north rules in high school hockey.


The female half of the Tenners calls me to tell me she is having a great time at the water park they are staying at for the weekend on the far side of Lake Iwanttobethere Her foot has healed so she can return to swimming again and she is one happy camper. Todays plan is to head up to the Resort for the day. Big Chicago/Wild game at noon and I am going to sit back with the guys and watch it. By the time it is done I am sure I will be ready for a nice catch up nap and no one will be able to disturb me up there as more then likely all the other guys will be ready for a nap to. When I get up I will head to the Bait Room and start arranging things. Have some prices to raise on things as tackle prices have once gain gone up on things. Can't make any money if we are selling stuff cheaper then what we can buy them for this year.


Sunshine Ray is forecasting that we may be in for a snow event starting tonight. We are going to be caught between a low and a high coming right over the top of Lake Iwanttobethere. This means if it parks over head we could be in for enough snow that we might actually have to use the snow throwers. The snow would be nice as back at the cabin I have more grass then snow covering the ground. Maybe I will get to spend some time later this evening smoking a home rolled cigar, drinking a few sips of beer and working on a stress free day here at Lake Iwanttobethere


Posted by Bobby Bass on March 10, 2017 at 9:35 AM Comments comments (1)

-3 IN THE BOAT HERE ON HIDDEN BAY as I sit down at the desk here early this morning. I woke up at three and could not go back to sleep. I kind of dozed till my rumbling stomach was to much and I got up and first checked the fire in the fire place. Some hot coals looked back at me and I decided to hold off on the fire but instead went over to the thermostat and bumped it up a couple of clicks and soon the furnace was pushing heat into the cabin. I made my way to the kitchen open the fridge and looked at my options. Hard boiled eggs, nope. A chicken breast was looking kind of good till I saw the porterhouse steak that was out for supper.


I got the sixteen inch cast iron pan out, the long handle turkey fork some Mrs. Dash and some oil. Yup, I had made my choice, I was going to have steak for an early breakfast and not some little breakfast steak but the real deal. I washed the steak off, patted it dry, smeared on some oil then sprinkled some dash on. Into the pan it went and I headed to the fireplace. Moved the grate out of the way stirred the coals a little so they were cherry red and plopped the pan in the middle of them. Back to the kitchen for a plate and a fork and steak knife then back to the living room in time to flip the steak in the pan. I already could smell the steak as it sizzled away and with the smell of the maple smoke and my lips were smacking.


A few minutes later and I used the turkey fork to spear the steak out of the pan and onto my plate. First piece might have been a little undercooked but it sure hit the spot. I cut off another nice piece then put the rest of the steak back in the pan and back on the coals. I let it cook a little longer as I ate what I had cut off. I took the steak back out and back on the plate and this time it was cooked to my liking. I moved to the couch ate my steak and watched the morning news on TV, can't remember when I have ever had a better six o'clock steak.


Yesterday I left the cabin in the dark and got back home in the dark. Had to go to the big city for my first chemo treatment 2nd battle round. Eight hour IV treatment and the next few days we will see what kind of side effects it is going to leave me with. I have already decided I am going to tuff this out and not let me them slow me down. I have to many things I want and need to do. My garden, fishing and time with my grand kids. I have also decided that stories about the Lodge are going to be more positive and more about what is going on around here. So as the weeks go on you are going to hear less about me and more about the town and all of the people living in. Stories may be short and sweet or may be a few pages long, who knows this is after all Lake Iwanttobethere

Round Two

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44 IN THE BOAT HERE ON HIDDEN BAY late this afternoon. Cloudy sky overhead and we have been having some lite rain showers fall, just enough to make it feel colder then what it is. I am spending the afternoon here before going up to the Resort to put the finishing touches on our tackle order. Makes me feel good ordering a bunch of lures and hooks and floats. When the order comes in the bare peg boards will once again be full and we will add a few more sections as we are using our profits to add more inventory. The Tenners will once again supply us with crawlers this summer and we have the local bait dealer lined up for our minnows. I for one am hoping the local marsh will produce some frogs as that is my favorite bait to fish with.

Been a busy week for me. Had a couple of DR appointments in the big city to go and then out of the blue on Friday I developed a serious case of hives that put me in the hospital over the weekend. Don't know what was the cause as there can be hundreds of things that can trigger it. Right now I went on a med for it and was told to try and eliminate all the stress in my life. Well that just put me under more stress to get rid of my stress. So now this afternoon I get a telephone call from my city doctor that he wants to start my second round of Chemo on Thursday. I thought I was going to have a little time but I guess not. So now I am rushing to get the tackle order in, yup no stress. The only good part is I have to sit in a chair for eight hours on Thursday so I am sure I will have plenty of time to go over the order in my head and remember what I forgot.


I did get the new home computer online, that was fun. I have not even started to transfer information from the old to the new. Amazing how much stuff you can put on a hard drive over nine years and now I have to go through and sort what is good or not. Got about 3000 pictures and everyone of them triggers memory, specially the ones with grand kids and fishing and of course the old dogs. One of these days I will have to go to the Lodge and pull stuff off that one. More dog pictures and fishing shots that I share with Lodge members. Sunshine Ray had forecasted temps in the fifties and sunshine for yesterday, that did not happen. Ski hill is closed today and tomorrow too. I know this because the granddaughter called me and told me her lessons were canceled. I saw a video of her the other day just bombing down the hill, I was impressed and I told her she has some mad skills. She told me she is liking the down hill over the cross-country, less work.


First week of March is about gone, furnace is running less and the wood pile outside the cabin door stays fuller longer. My neighbor Maple Syrup Chuck is not about much as he is getting ready for syrup time. I told him I will keep an eye on his chicks and his eggs. Actually I will send one ofthe Tenners over to do the collecting. The hens starting laying again just last week, another sign that winter is coming to an end. The male half of the Tenners is having a birthday here in about eleven days and I am going to go through my tackle boxes and fill his box for him. Pretty much a given I have more then enough tackle for the rest of my life time. He asked for tackle so I will be able to give him a gift he wants. Going to make a tackle bag for the Female Tenner too as her birthdays is not till November and she would make more use of it this summer then next.


Will try and keep you updated don't know what is going to happen after a day in the chair for Chemo. I have been told that the biggest side effect of this new drug is fatigue, I am thinking it will be a reason for naps but the DOC said it is a little more complicated then that and writing might be a chore until I can get some control of it. Don't be surprised if I go quiet for awhile, I will be all right. I will be just thinking of more stories for you to read down the road here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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30 IN THE BOAT HERE ON HIDDEN BAY this afternoon. Cloudy sky overhead and I know the sun is up there somewhere just I don't know exactly where. That time of year where there is not to much to write about, quiet time. I guess that might be one of the many reasons that Cabin Fever strikes about this time of year. I did have my daughter who lives in the big city call me. The old lab somehow got loose and wandered off. Thing is they are at a new house and Buster the lab does not know the neighborhood to well.


Well a few blocks from home on the same street a nice old lady saw the old black lab and brought him inside her house for the night. The next morning she called the pound who came and picked up Buster. Later that morning they called the daughter telling her they had Buster and it will be a 100.00 to get him. Seems his tag said his rabies vaccination was out dated and the 100.00 was a fine for that on the twelve year old dog. Now the daughter and her husband walked and drove around the neighborhood looking for their dog that the nice little old lady brought into her house. The daughter was not going to find Buster there. The 100.00 could have been saved if they had Buster's name tag on him.


I have always had a soft collar on my dogs with our telephone number written in black sharpie on it. Not the dogs name because if you have the dogs name and want to keep the dog you are past a big hurdle. I would hate to lose any dog of mine that way and as much as I like little old lady's they can go get their own dogs. I think that is a thing between city dogs always on leashes and lake dogs. The lake dogs get a chance to run free and become neighborhood dogs. People know the dogs and send them home if they are getting in trouble or if you are looking for them everyone knows who you are talking about. Also if they get a chance to run a little they see that the grass is not always greener on the other side and they soon remember where their food dish is.


City dogs tug at a leashes trying to sniff places where they never get to go. When they do get out on their own they quickly get themselves lost because they are not paying attention to where they are going. Kind of like our tourists that come to the lake with their GPS units and when the batteries go dead and they look up for the first time and they do not have a clue as to where they are. The best GPS unit I ever had did not need batteries, it was my black lab named Lady. I would go out with her in the thickest nasty woods far away from the car grouse hunting and when it was time to head back I would just tell her "Car" and she never failed to take me back to it.


Of all the dogs I have owned she is still number one even over the old guys and Duncan who has a lot to learn even though he is six. But Duncan fills a niche that I need now. The paw on my foot letting me know he is with me is something that always brings me a smile. The garden that he guards from the rabbits and squirrels and his arch nemesis the chipmunks has made me laugh more then any of the other dogs already. House pet number one, house greeter number two and a few times we grouse hunt is number three. He is great with the little grand kids and he tolerates the tomcats. Gee, I guess I did have something to write about here at Lake Iwanttobethere.


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10 IN THE BOAT HERE ON HIDDEN BAY early this morning. Can't sleep so I got up and made a breakfast and rolled myself into the den to look at my mess. I am in the middle of a computer upgrade when my new addition decided to die on me. Not a new computer but the daughters old one which when running is ten times the old junker that I have been running. We have narrowed it done to the power supply but I am going to have my x son in law take a look before we do anything. If my den is not all ready crowded enough with a cluttered desk and tobacco out to roll some cigars and the trays of flowers under the grow lights there is just enough room for me and my chair.


So I hitched a ride yesterday afternoon to the Lodge with my neighbor Chuck. Place was quiet so I was actually working going over sales the last week and plotting sales when we had games on the new TV and sales are up. We will have it paid for here shortly and it might even make us money this summer if the Twins can put any kind of a season together. So I am at the bar and a older gent walks in that looks vaguely familiar. Looks the place over then takes a seat on a stool in front of me "HIYA" he says and I return the greeting. "Where are the dogs" he asks. I sit back in my stool and ask "You mean Bud and Barney?" He nods his head yes and says "It has been awhile since I have been here but I do remember being greeted by two big brown dogs" " They both passed a few years ago." I said. He nodded his head and said "Sorry for your loss" and we both just sat for awhile thinking of old dogs.


"My name is Luis" and he put out his hand which I shook. "Got a place on the end of the lake and this is a long drive to get here but I decided to make the drive today" "Welcome to the Lodge Luis" I said then I yelled out "Duncan" and Duncan got up from the couch in the office and came out to the main room. "Say hi to Luis" Duncan then came around to Luis, sat down and stuck out his paw to be shook. Luis chuckled some and shook Duncan's paw and looked back at me and said "I figured you would not be dog less" Some petting and a few good rubs and the two of them were now long loss friends. Duncan came around the bar and laid down on his rug by the cooler.


"So what can I get ya Luis?" Luis looked at the back wall and said "You know it looks like a beer day, How about a Hamms?" So I poured him one and a shortly for myself and went into my bartender mode. "You have a dog Luis?" I asked. Luis wiped his mouth with his sleeve and smacked his lips. "I don't but my wife does. "What kind ?" I asked and Luis told me he does not remember, it was expensive though and it is retired. "Retired, I asked, How old is it?" Luis taking another sip of his beer said "Two"


"How can it be retired already" I asked. Luis looking into his beer glass said "Well the wife carries it everywhere, dresses it up in spendy dog clothes, It fits inside her purse and she takes it shopping claming it is her companion, I thought I was her companion" Luis held out his glass for a refill and I poured him another. We spent some time talking about hunting dogs and big house dogs and dogs that never see the inside of a purse. I sat on my stool behind the bar with Duncan's paw resting on my foot, I guess it aint all that bad here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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