Lake Iwanttobethere

You may live in Gods country, but his cabin is at Lake Iwanttobethere

Bobby Bass is the manager of the Lodge here at Lake Iwanttobethere. He is also the part time building inspector, a part time fishing guide, a handyman and a wealthy hundredaire. The lake does not have a millionaire or for that matter a thousandaire so Bobby fills the niche as a hundredaire. He usually flashes a hundred dollar bill to pay bills with. Of course most of the time the bills are around ninety-eight dollars or so but Bobby always leaves a tip. From time to time Bobby forgets to use the spell check and some of his writings may have a different meaning then what was intended. Then again sometimes it is done on purpose just to see if people are really reading what he is writing.


Being the building inspector and the manager of the Lodge puts Bobby in contact with a lot of people during the course of a day or an evening for that matter. The story here is not so much about Bobby as it is about the Town and waters of Lake Iwanttobethere Bobby has been telling the story for over nine years now and there are over eighteen hundred stories about the lake and the people who live and visit here. The stories like the lake are never ending and there always seems to be something going on and most of the time Bobby finds himself in the middle of it. This web site is a place for the stories to find a home so to speak. The stories are out there to read but the Town fathers found some extra money (cash from the two parking meters on main street) and decided they would take a step forward and put the Lake out there on the Internet map. As of February 2015 Lake Iwanttobethere stories have received over 2.7 million. Visits.

The town and Bobby always encourage you to stop and visit us here and add to the on going story as Bobby can't always be everywhere. Some of you have already been here and are members of our Lodge or you may have spent some vacation time here. Still others may think back to fishing with grandpa in his old boat and he would tell you stories of a place he used to come to. You would sit and listen to gramps with a warm soda and worms that were starting to smell a little as they cooked in the hot summer sun. The lake is really not that far away, just over the hill around the bend and just past where the Peterson barn was before it burnt down. If you get that far then you just have to go a little further to where the produce stand is come fall. From there your nose will take you the rest of the way, past fields of corn and trees heavy with big pie apples. You will hear the mooing of cows from McDonnell's farm but keep an eye out for the old one horn bull that walks the banks of the little creek that is filled with brookies and lined with ripe berry bushes with fruit as big as your thumb. Here you can sit in knee deep lush green grass along the bank and a bologna sandwich never tasted better. Ducks swim along the banks and deer will come down to drink and not even look at you twice. Bees hum in the background and birds chirp just out of sight. Clouds float across the sky and when you lay in the grass and look up they make pictures of pirate ships with billowing sails or lions and tigers. Time has a way of standing still here at Lake Iwanttobethere, fishing may not always be great but it never seems to be really bad. Coffee tastes a little better, beer is a little colder and friends seem to be a little bit closer. All you need is just come visit us here. In February of 2013 Bobby along with some partners bought a resort and have named it "The Resort" follow the stories of Lake Iwanttobethere as we branch out into another adventure.

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